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Sweetypie May 15th, 2020 08:53 PM

My Yorkie cross rolls head
Help please! why does a dog frequently roll its head upward and look upward?
I have examined her ears, skin and asked her to show me what is wrong
she knows the word show
she just looks up and rolls her head around
does anyone have any answers to this behaviour?

hazelrunpack May 16th, 2020 12:24 PM

Hmmmm....hard to say, especially since we can't see what's going on. How old is your dog? Does she roll her head in a sweeping motion or like a slow shake or just putting her nose in the air and looking up?

Our elderly dogs occasionally have a bout of Vestibular Syndrome, which can cause head rolling, but it usually comes with other symptoms, like staggering and nausea.

Have you tried videotaping the motion and showing it to her vet?

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