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grunty143 February 9th, 2010 03:26 PM

My dog drinks a ton of water and pees when she sleeps
My dog grunt, will be 14 on march 7th, the past 6 months or so she has been gulping down water like it is going out of style, and while she sleep now she has accidents al over the house. We have had her to the vet who says all her blood work comes back normal, except that most of the time she get urinary track infections. They have not given me any reason why she should get these so often and she has ruined a number of expensive beds that we have bought for her and a sofa. The only medicine she is on is called super joint enhancer from 1-800-pet meds and a liquid medicine called Yucca Intensive Yucca Intensive is an outstanding, safe, all natural supplement that is thought to promote symptom relief similar to steroid medications with none of the side effects. Yucca is a purified extract derived from the Yucca plant and has many uses including for the joints, skin, and digestion.Yucca is given internally for joint health and digestion but must be diluted before being administered. This is all to combat her failing hips and arteritis. When we bring her to the vet they prescribe her medicine and we give it as instructed and she is fine for a 1 week or so but right back drinking and peeing what can we do for her please any help appreciated

Kay9 February 9th, 2010 04:43 PM

Has your vet tested your dog for diabetes? If your vet has tested her for all the usual suspects re excessive thirst in dogs (Cushing's disease, hyperadrenalcorticism, etc) maybe you should stop the other meds you're giving her, just to see if her excessive drinking stops. Although derivatives from plants etc. seem healthy, they are still meds and can cause side effects.

Chaser February 9th, 2010 05:52 PM

I'm assuming that your dog's bloodwork has included a test for diabetes, but you should double-check this with your vet just to be sure.

What it sounds more like is [B]spay incontinence[/B]. This is when a valve in the urethra of older spayed females does not close properly and they will leak urine every time they lay down (which puts pressure on the bladder). The open valve also allows bacteria to enter, causing frequent UTIs.

Now given that she is 14 it could be plain old loss of bladder control. But if you've noticed the trend is that it happens when she's laying down then I'm willing to bet it is spay incontinence. This is easily remedied by a tiny hormone pill given about once a week. Less than $1 a pill. Talk to your vet :)

lindapalm February 9th, 2010 08:23 PM

Our dog would pee in her sleep, so she was put on an estrogen pill. It seemed to help,but soon after she was diagnosed with Cushings disease, and began to pee everywhere. Make sure your dog was tested for Cushings, and some times the results can come back false negative.

mummummum February 9th, 2010 08:25 PM

This the med (Propalin aka phenylpropanolamine) used for treating both spay incontinence and a weakened UT : [url][/url]

It can only be prescribed by your Vet and it does not work with all dogs.

My Lodi Girl February 11th, 2010 06:56 PM

My first thought was diabetes. Also, you said she has had several UTIs. Has she been on steroids for this? If so, the steroids could cause her to drink and pee a lot.

cell February 11th, 2010 07:22 PM

Sounds like a clever product plug for 1-800 pet meds.. hm. But to give the benefit of the doubt, did you have your vet look at what is in the ingredients of the medications you are giving your dog that you are buying from the internet?

mummummum February 12th, 2010 10:27 AM

[QUOTE=cell;883701]Sounds like a clever product plug for 1-800 pet meds.. hm. But to give the benefit of the doubt, did you have your vet look at what is in the ingredients of the medications you are giving your dog that you are buying from the internet?[/QUOTE]

Oh mannnnnnnnnnnnnn... :laughing: I'll bet you're right.

bendyfoot February 12th, 2010 03:28 PM

[QUOTE=cell;883701]Sounds like a clever product plug for 1-800 pet meds.. hm.[/QUOTE]

Yeah, that.

Chaser February 12th, 2010 10:25 PM

oh crap :wall: that was pretty obvious if i had actually read the post more carefully.

mummummum February 13th, 2010 09:22 AM

Given that the OP hasn't been back...I tattled. :D

cell February 13th, 2010 09:55 AM

I wonder how much these people are paid and is they can work from home.... lol

My Lodi Girl February 13th, 2010 12:53 PM

I am so gullible (as my Mom used to tell me - I prefer the word "trusting"). I did think it was strange that they sounded like they were typing from the bottle or catalog description but gullible me thought they were just trying to be specific about the product. Good thing all of you guys are on your toes cause I sure ain't!!!!!:o

grunty143 February 15th, 2010 10:27 AM

Hi everyone thank you so much for helping we just got back from the vet and she is not diabetic, they did however think that she might have cushings, her blood worke is out right now should get a call from the vet this afternoon, they also sent out her urine, that wont come back till tommorrow. so i wont really have an idea till at least this afternoon, on what it exactly is but i really wanted to say thank you, for helping me and also yes i did word for word copy what pets meds put in there description so i did not get anything wrong, they tested her blood urine and her medicine so after a nice hefty bill hopefully al this will make her more comfortable and happy that is my only goal healthy and happy. we lost 2 dogs to weird condtions at young ages so my old lady is all i have left again i will post and let you know the results, thank you again

grunty143 February 15th, 2010 10:30 AM

[QUOTE=cell;884113]I wonder how much these people are paid and is they can work from home.... lol[/QUOTE]

i wish i did work from home you guys are so judgemental i am just trying to be acurate as it is the first time i am giving my pet that medication so thanks for the vote of confidence

grunty143 February 15th, 2010 10:31 AM

[QUOTE=bendyfoot;883973]Yeah, that.[/QUOTE]

maybe you should tell pet meds and i can get paid and afford my vet bill thanks

bendyfoot February 15th, 2010 10:53 AM

I appologize if we were mistaken, grunty...your post sounded like many others we've seen that were basically a word-for-word recitation of a products' label or advertisement...we get quite a few spammers here, and maybe are a little gunshy about unsolicited advertising.

If we were wrong, sorry. :goodvibes:

Glad the diabetes was ruled out...and I hope you get good results on the other tests, waiting for results is always nerve-wracking...

mummummum February 15th, 2010 02:31 PM

[QUOTE=grunty143;884956]i wish i did work from home you guys are so judgemental i am just trying to be acurate as it is the first time i am giving my pet that medication so thanks for the vote of confidence[/QUOTE]

Perhaps to make sure your posts are not misinterpreted in the future you could note that you are taking the info direct from the bottle/brochure/ description and you could use "xxx" quotation marks around what you are quoting. :thumbs up

grunty143 February 15th, 2010 05:18 PM

Ok guys i sorry if i came off defensive just nervious but i will do that in the future, however my vet just called and said that they have ruled out kideny, liver, and diabeties, but are now depending on her urine tommorrow going to rule out cushing there are no flags coming up in her blood work to say she could even have it.Now they are talking about addisons diease i have done some lookin on this already and i do not feel that fits either, i have also asked him someone mentioned, spay inconteince, he said makes sense if she was just weting her self more issue involed, so i really do not know what to do. now i guess just wait and see what he has to say tommorrow but agin i am sorry if it came of wrong just nervious.:sorry:

bendyfoot February 15th, 2010 06:47 PM

No worries grunty :grouphug:

Hope you get some answers quickly!

lindapalm February 15th, 2010 06:51 PM

Does she have any other symptoms other than peeing in her sleep?

grunty143 February 15th, 2010 07:32 PM

excessice urintation in her sleep, eating a lot more like she cant get enough same with water, she has one small burst of energy a day then she sleeps the rest of the day she throws up just in the moring and no food just clear liquid, they rules out diabities, cushing, liver and kidney diease, now saying addisions, but her symptoms dont match

mummummum February 15th, 2010 11:05 PM

Grunty: you may want to have a look at this thread [url][/url]

It won't help you with anything definitive but may give you some other avenues to explore with your Vet.

My Lodi Girl February 16th, 2010 12:02 AM

:sorry: Grunty
Please keep us updated on your girl. :fingerscr

grunty143 February 22nd, 2010 01:13 PM

Thank you so much for all your kindess and support, she actually has been not drinking to much or peeing herself for three days then all of a sudden out of no were saturday she was fine all day then arroung 10pm she kept falling down we thought it was her hips acting up she we cared her in to our bedroom put her on her orthapedic bed and went to sleep.130am we her a big bang she started to act like a fish out of water could not stand would not lay down her head was tilting to the left, we rushed her to the emergency clinic 45 minutes away they told us they thought she had a inner ear infection and it messing with her equilebrium ( hope i spelt it right) long story short $642 dollars later we had to pick her up this morning and bring her to our regular vet who thinks it is something called geriatric vestibular syndrome
wich they only get once and they are done with it in 2-3 days well they have been giving her iv fluids and motion sickness medicine but she has not shown any inprovment yet they told me if there is no improve ment by tuesday night it could more likely be a brian tumor and at age 14 i cant put her threw any more so pray for my little one, you know i cant have kids and these guys are all i have and it just sucks that i cant do more, thank for everything i will let you guys know thanks again:pray::cry:

animallover1 July 15th, 2010 07:00 PM

Hello, Same thing is happening to my dog. We took her in because she started losing her balance and had a tilted head. The vet said she has Vestibular Syndrome and the vet gave her pills. They said that my dog should get better in 5 days or so but they also said if she doesnt get better she might have a brain tumor. Right now, shes drinking like 6 bowls of water a day. We're guessing its the medicine thats making her so thirsty. :( I'm just hoping she doesnt have a brain tumor. Hope your dog gets better:pray:

bobkerry July 22nd, 2010 05:01 PM

hey it might be some problem with your dog's digestive system...have a proper checkup so that vet can verfiy what actually is the not keave this because it can results in further harmful effects too

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