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hazelrunpack December 23rd, 2011 09:38 AM

Has this been an ongoing thing, or is this new behavior? Have you had him vet-checked to rule out UTI or prostate problems?

tenderfoot December 26th, 2011 04:10 PM

You say that he is good when you are home but not when you are away. First thought is he is anxious when you are gone and the stress causes him to soil. But if he were truly trained to use the pads he still should. Second thought is that he minds his manners when you are home but when you are gone he claims the space to make it his own. The small amounts of pee can be indicative of a UTI but then it would happen regardless of you being home or not. So the small amount of pee means that he is choosing to sprinkle his scent everywhere which is marking behavior.

Little dogs can be tougher to house train because their mistakes often go unnoticed until it's too late.

Basic rule is - if your dog is acting like a puppy then he gets treated like a puppy until he proves that he can be trusted. So if you are not able to watch him closely so that you can actively teach him good manners then he needs to be managed in a crate or small room and be taught to hold his needs until he is let out. If you are using pads exclusively (not taking him out to soil) then if you use a small room to contain him you could put a pad in there. Sometimes we have to accept that managing a problem is the first step to retraining.

You can't afford to make your roomies anymore frustrated and rehoming should not be part of the plan. It is not okay to pass off an untrained dog to someone else because he is likely to just be repeatedly rehomed and that is not fair to him.

Shadowsmommy March 1st, 2012 08:09 PM

Please help!!!
I have a 3 yr old Chug (1/2 Chihuahua, 1/2 Pug). She's such a good dog, but I can't get her to quit peeing on the floors. We live in a townhome and she is completely an indoor dog. I have a litter tray with pads that she will use most of the time, but too many times she will pee on the kitchen floor (tile) or once in a while on the carpet. There's nothing wrong with her physically. She's crated during the day and also at night, and she never has an accident. She has no problem holding it at those times. It's just when she's out in the evenings when we're home or on the weekends. My cousin said I should bring her to the "spot" and put her nose to it and then put her on the pad. That just seems so demeaning - especially if the reason she's dong this is because of something we're doing or not doing correctly. We really need help!!!

JOA679 June 27th, 2012 01:27 PM

Two little chihuahuas... one gigantic problem...
I'm the owner of two Chihuahuas... one of them is 8 years old and he's a Tea Cup... the other one is a regular size Chihuahua and I have a common problem with them. The older one Whitty is aggressive which I can control but he pee everywhere even on hs crate...he drives me nuts he just pee for no particular reason. I know he's gone through a bunch of changes in his ife, he went from being a "Paris Hilton"(spoiled) dog to a very badly treated dog and my mom rescued him and shipped him to me, where I tried to give him the spoiled live he was so ued to but couldn't because he was so aggresive, I have worked with him for a few years and he's come a long way... bt he refusesto stop peeing in the house and hs bed... The other dog, Dobby, hhe also pee in the house, he gets up in the furniture and pee, up in the bed and he pee, he gets on my pillows and pee... at one time he was laying in bed with me and he did it on me too. I'm really desperate at this point because I'm living with my friends and they are doing it everywhere...

Any suggestions... PLEASE!!!:fingerscr:wall:

LavenderRott July 9th, 2012 05:15 AM

[QUOTE=Betty12;1042777]You may put something with strange smells for the dog, and train it not to sleep in your bedroom.[/QUOTE]

The original post is 8 years old - either the OP has solved the problem or learned to live with it.

Dc0404 May 8th, 2013 06:13 AM

my 2 dogs messing
Hello can anyone help me, I have 2 six year old jack russells that are great dogs. We recently moved a month ago. In the previous house they use to mess if left for a long period of time but very rarely in the night. Now all the do is wee and poo. I let them out before bed at approx 10pm and by the time ive woken up there will be approx 2 wees and more then likely a poo. Im positive it is both as the boy wees up door frames and the girls goes in the center of the floor....This is more than likely the case when I go to work for 4 or 5 hours.. I thought it was the new home but now im not to sure... any ideas on how to stop them doing this?

RodWBR March 23rd, 2014 10:20 AM

About the Posted "House-breaking" tips:

Being a Dog owner since I was 10 years old (I'm now 64),
I can't believe all of the "incompetent" answers to this very simple question !!!
The following cure will work in 1-3 days, without "stressing" the pooch,
AND will work on Puppies, and Older Dogs, too.
RULE #1: You MUST be CONSISTENT, and do this EVERY TIME that you see
your Doggie urinate in the house:
(Consistency is the #1 LAW, when training your "best friend")
1) As soon as you find 'fresh' urine in your house, gently 'rub' your doggies nose in it, and STERNLY say 3-4 times, "NO, NO, NO".
2) While saying, "NO", use ONLY 1 SHEET of NEWSPAPER, hitting them lightly on the Ears - they HATE the noise (NEVER use your HANDS - they associate the HAND with Affection and Feeding.
3) IMMEDIATELY, Put them outside in the Yard - Lovingly carrying them - NEVER, EVER "shove" them - they must know that you STILL LOVE THEM.

I have done this to many Doggies, and they continued to LOVE me.
You MUST remain the ALPHA component in your Human/Doggie relationship.
Always remember - A DISCIPLINED DOG is a HAPPY DOG !!!
And, always give your doggie Petting and Kisses EVERY DAY !!!

hazelrunpack March 23rd, 2014 11:34 AM

We've house-trained a lot of puppies and rescued adults over the years and although I have to agree with your "consistency is the #1 law", we've never had to resort to either rubbing their noses in urine or swatting them lightly with anything. A consistent schedule and routine, making sure any mistakes are cleaned up thoroughly with an enzyme cleaner specifically designed to neutralize urine, and vigilance are all we use. :shrug: Works for us. And we currently have 8 dogs in the house, all housebroken. :thumbs up

Dog Dancer March 24th, 2014 02:51 PM

Yikes, RodWBR, I'm glad I'm not your dog! Agree with consistency and loving and being Alpha, but really, rubbing their nose in it is rather archaic! A schedule, patience and paying attention will help more than rubbing their nose in it. Sorry, that's just nasty. Oh by the way, my dogs are all house trained and never had their nose rubbed in their urine or feces and were NEVER hit with a paper.

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