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PerryD65 July 18th, 2012 12:01 AM

Recently got a puppy and the cats are pooping in the house!!! HELP!!!
We recently got a rescue puppy from the local shelter - very smart dog - a lab-retriever mix and the cats we have had for years started pooping around the house.

When we got the dog we installed a cat-door so the cats could go in and out of the room where we keep the litter box. One of the cats, the older one, was introduced to the door, stuck through it, and started off with no problem. The other cat, the younger one, about 3 years old, is kind of skiddish anyway, even before we got the dog and the younger one was the one who started the rug-pooping.

My guess is that they are either - a) upset about the dog being in the house, b) scared to go through the room where the dog is located so they can use the litter box, or c) lazy.

Is there some spray I can use on a room to completely discourage them from going into a room with? Do I need to get another litter box and put it upstairs away from the dog's. Kennel? Do I need to move the dog's kennel somewhere else?

Please help!


growler~GateKeeper July 18th, 2012 12:21 AM

I would definitely add at least 1 more litter box where the puppy has no access, it's possible the cats got spooked, either by the puppy or something else, while going through the new cat door.

If the cats must pass the puppy's kennel to go to the current litter box it might be a good idea to move the kennel farther away from that door to see if that helps.

What are you cleaning the pooped on areas with? A good enzymatic cleaner is needed to remove all scent that we can't smell but they can. Nature's Miracle is one or you can make your own with: 1 cup water, 1/4 cup white vinegar, 1/4 cup isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol, mix together in a clean/new spray bottle. Spray the area affected, blot with paper towel/clean rag, spray again & let dry.

How does the puppy react to the cats? Especially if they are scared & run?
Is the puppy leashed inside the house for quick calm corrections if he gets too close for the cats comfort level or attempts to chase?
Are you teaching the puppy a "leave it" or similar command around the cats?

PerryD65 July 18th, 2012 12:31 AM

The puppy isn't leashed in the house. She takes a few steps towards the cats and leaves them alone pretty much. She just got clawed on the nose today as a matter of fact for getting to close to the younger one. The older one acts like he ignores the dog and if the dog approaches him he acts annoyed and walks away slowly with his tail in the air.

The younger cat lurks. She walks low to the ground with her tail hung low and nearly dragging. But she was that way before the dog.

The spray sounds like a good idea. Maybe I can get a water pistol too so I can shoot the feline perpetrator with water if they think they will poop in a room.

More suggestions or more ideas are helpful. I would like to hear from more people too


growler~GateKeeper July 18th, 2012 01:02 AM

[QUOTE=PerryD65;1043245]The spray sounds like a good idea. Maybe I can get a water pistol too so I can shoot the feline perpetrator with water if they think they will poop in a room.[/QUOTE]

The spray is [B]only[/B] to clean the area [B]not[/B] to spray the cat.

Water pistol is a bad idea the cats will not associate getting sprayed by a water pistol and having pooped in the wrong spot.

Being sprayed will only make the cats:
- afraid of who ever is holding it
- avoid walking into the room entirely
- start hiding then pooping in places you won't find but the dog might & start snacking on the hidden treasures :yuck:

LavenderRott July 18th, 2012 06:21 AM

Gosh. Poor cats. Their whole comfortable world gets turned upside down and now they are going to get punished for being stressed out.

I certainly hope that you are not planning on spraying them with a mixture of vinegar and rubbing alcohol!! I bet that would be painful if it got in their eyes or up their nose.

Why don't you supply your cats with a safe room that has litter boxes and a gate or some other barrier to keep the dog out? Seems to me that would be a much more effective method of solving your problem than punishing the cats.

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