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mhikl April 15th, 2013 10:42 PM

I Sat on Sadie's Paw
I sat. She yelped. I moved immediately. :sorry:

That was six days ago. She seemed fine and the next morning we went for a walk. About half way through the walk she started to (or I noticed) limp. In retrospect, I should have picked her up and carried her home (we both suffered osteoporosis) but instead, we walked home and then at some point after we got home it became impossible for her to move at all. I tried carrying her out in the evening to do her business but she couldnít stand up and wouldnít move. She just sat. The next day was the same. She may have passed her urine that second day but for sure she did by the evening and the third day she could get up enough to do her business.

Sadie tore her shoulder two years ago and that was a costly visit (exam $165 for 15 min, if) that didnít do a thing for her though I bought the medicam ?, a pain killer and the Robaxin, an anti-inflammatory. She has never been the same since and went from being a joyously active dog to one who walks and trots but rarely runs. Now she can hope off the bed if she wants to come out to find food but I do as much lifting her as I can, up and down. I carry her up and down stairs to go outside and we do a little walk to the back alley and then I carry her back and into the house where she sits beside me.

I will not take her to the vet as it is just a waste of money. Her arm and paw seem better and she doesnít pull it away if I touch it. However, the joint of the paw seems still to hurt if I gently touch and then press a little on it. She seems to sway sideways from the front end in the little walking I allow her. I am giving her 1/2 Robaxin tablet three times a day.

Has anyone had this problem before with a paw? There seemed to be swelling the first three days but now the arm looks like itís back to normal. I am hoping time will be her healer. Nothing was broken, it must have been a sprain. How long does such a thing usually take to heal or is this another problem she will have to contend with. Sadie turned twelve mid January this year.

She gets smelts and salmon and herring oil regularly. Elk, beef and chicken necks, beef and occasional chicken liver and the occasional egg with whites cooked but yolk mostly raw. She just gulps her food as her right back bottom teeth are so worn. She has nice white teeth otherwise. I feed her by hand so she has to crunch the bones and semi-veg or meat to tear up from her left side.

Sadie gets Lugolís Iodine, I make it up myself so it has no alcohol in it. For three months I have been giving her condroitin, glucosamine, MSM, Sierra Sill, half an Inno-Vitť Formula H.H. Plus Mena Q7 (K2), Q10, Ginko Vitamins A, D, E, and, she gets a pinch of Borax* for the boron to help strengthen her bones and teeth and liquid Magnesium and a sprinkle of potassium. (*See Walter Lastís article on the conspiracy against Borax around the world. We are fortunate to be able to get it still in Canada. It is a mineral like calcium and magnesium and is deficient in modern foods. People who live near soils that have boron in them have nearly zilch osteoporosis. Wonderful read: [url][/url])

Sure would appreciate hearing from anyone who has gone through this before or knows about sore joints and any comments on my Sadieís protocol. After starting the vitamin and mineral (including Borax) both Sadieís and my osteoporosis lifted and neither of us limped or had pain until this business with her paw came up. Nether do we eat wheat unless we are naughty, eh Sadie! :fingerscr

Namaste & care to all sentient beings across our never ending, always being universe,:thumbs up
mhikl & Sadie

hazelrunpack April 15th, 2013 11:40 PM

When our Macie broke her toe, she wasn't very sore right away. I think as she walked on it, the bone torqued and moved out of place. Sounds very like what you observed in Sadie.

If Sadie has osteoporosis, it's possible there's something broken. If it is, and it's not set properly, it could heal badly. The best way to rule that out and/or treat if it's broken, is to see a vet. Until you know what you're dealing with, it's going to be pretty hard to garner advice on how to treat it. :shrug:

I hope she's better soon! :goodvibes:

mhikl April 16th, 2013 02:49 PM

Thanks Hazel
Thanks, Hazel. I think you are right. Sadie is much better closing in on a week of torment. She still wobbles when she walks but seem content to lie down and sleep. I might just take her to a vet but I have to find another one and in the big city that is difficult to find. Dang getting old. However, I do believe her BARF diet helps. I have cut back on bones and calcium and she now gets magnesium and that seems to have helped her become a little more energetic and lively. I didn't sit down that hard but enough to probably stretch the ligaments and connective tissues. The osteo or probs are in her hip. Same with mine and the borax, magnesium, selenium and others of my protocol seem to have lifted the pain in both of us.
Again, cheers for your response. I must be more mindful on our outings and of course, when & how I sit.

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