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puanani40 December 4th, 2011 10:53 PM

Scar Tissue??..or something else????
My cat recently got bit by something...I had noticed 2 puncture marks on the top of his right thigh last Saturday. I immediately took him to the emergency room/pet hospital where the Vet looked at his wound (not deep/but 2 blood/oozing or pus) and told me (after putting him to sleep so she could shave him and look at it closely..since he wouldn't let her get close when awake/FYI) that he had gotten bit by something (new bite), there were no signs of infection, no pus or fluid in the wound (she checked) and no infection apparent..based on certain tests she did. She gave him an injection of antiobiotics to make sure he wouldn't get an infection. And...a few hours later I took him home. My questions is this: my cat has healed (scabs are in place) BUT...there is a big ball of scar tissue near the area he got bit (size of a half dollar coin). When I had taken him in last Saturday...she had mentioned the scar tissue and was surprised at how quickly scar tissue could have appeared...especially since my cat was taken in (as she put it) close to right after the bite/wound was made. Any idea why this scar tissue is so big and why it showed up so quickly after the bite? As I stated above...the bite was determined to be new/fresh when I took him in last the Vet had said that there wasn't enough time for that much scar tissue to occur. Also to note...I comb my cats daily and that scar tissue was not there the day before. Any thoughts on why this has occurred? Spot is hard and Vet had tested for any fluids/infections/etc and there weren't any. Would appreciate any ideas. I was told by my Vet to bring my cat back 2 I'll be taking him in on Friday...BUT...just wanted to ask the question to see if you might have any ideas..since she didn't. Plus...that scar tissue is bugging me...I keep thinking my cat may be in pain.Thank you! Sorry for the rambling question

puanani40 December 11th, 2011 09:59 PM

Took kitty to vet has no idea why scar tissue is there...BUT...will be removing it next week to a tune of $1000....any ideas?

hazelrunpack December 11th, 2011 10:52 PM

Is it possible that there's an abcess there? :eek:

puanani40 December 13th, 2011 10:50 PM

Eureka! Went to get a second opinion and here is what the new Vet said: It's mycobacterium. Most Vets don't look for this...but mine did! Thank God we didn't get that surgery before seeking opinion #2. Surgery may have killed my widdle kitty.

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