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PumpkinPal June 5th, 2011 08:20 PM

Cyproheptadine For Appetite Stimulation For My CRF Cat?
Sampson has lost another pound. :( He was off his thyroid meds for a few weeks on account of my not being able to afford them. He is back on them now.

He simply isn't eating enough. His last test a few months ago showed great improvement with both his BUN and Creatinine numbers.

I've tried eggs, he ate them a few times and then stopped. He will still eat baby food. If I get out a baked chicken, he will eat quite a bit of that.

I am feeding both Wellness and Science Diet. ( Only the kinds listed as low in phosphorus. ) Later in the day, he will eat a few bites and then leave the bowl.

My vet suggested Cyproheptadine 4mg. I'm unsure to give him this, as I have read on the different possible side effects.

I've tried all previous suggestions. He does seem to still want to eat, he just doesn't intake enough. He's now just skin and bones. :cry:

Behavior wise he's doing well. No excessive drinking or peeing. He has had a few hairballs, but nothing unusual. He is not lethargic, he sometimes plays with my 2 younger ones. His fur is still shiny, he does not groom or pull too much.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading. :)


growler~GateKeeper June 6th, 2011 04:11 AM

I was fortunate w/my CRF girl to never need an appetite stimulant so I have no first hand experience w/cypro.

Does Sampson seem nauseous at all? licking lips, smelling the food like he wants to eat but just walks away, hovering over the food or water dishes? If he is he may need an acid blocker like Zantac ~ to be prescribed & dosed by the vet of course.

There are other food options listed on the table here, this becomes a balancing act between phos content & what kinds of food you want to feed your cat - not all are grain free, or by- product free etc, sometimes it's just a matter of feeding whatever they will eat. [url][/url]

You may have already seen this page but here are some more tips to persuade your cat to eat [url][/url] :goodvibes:/persuading_cat_to_eat.htm

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