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petdr May 3rd, 2001 07:44 PM

My miniature Dachshund is a 5 year old female that has never been spayed and has never had a litter of puppies. Her mammary glands have recently become engorged with a lot of milk as if she is pregnant, but she isn't. I have heard of false pregnancies but I can't seem to find out any information. Your help would be appreciated.


False pregnancy, also called pseudopregnancy, is due to a hormonal ovarian imbalance, but similar symptoms can be related to a uterine inflammation or infection. The latter could be dangerous for the animal and therefore you should seek Vet care.
Symptoms to be concerned about would be lethargy, little or no appetite and discharge from vulva. A dog that experiences several pseudopregnancies, is at a higher risk for uterine and mammarian cancers. Spaying will decrease this risk.

If your dog shows no signs of illness and only the mammary glands are swollen, the following homeopathic remedies could be used to help relieve pain and swelling of mammary glands: FOLLICULINUM 5CH + PULSATILLA 9CH + BELLADONNA 5CH 3 pellets of each twice a day (orally) until mammary glands have regressed.

Paul Guindon dmv
Clinique veterinaire Salaberry
Medecine conventionnelle et holystique
1895 Salaberry, Montreal, Qc

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