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petdr April 30th, 2001 12:03 PM

Dog losing hair after hysterectomy - Answered by Dr. Guindon

My dog a fox terrier, had a emergency hysterectomy about a month ago. Ever
since she was itching and is losing a tremendous amounts of hair especially
on her back. Now and then it seems also if she has a rash (red little spots
on her tummy) I wash her twice a week with the following product Tea tree
Oil Shampoo for dogs but it doesn't seems to work.


Your dog has been through a lot of stress.
An emergency hysterectomy probably means a uterine infection.

Your dog did receive anesthetic products, antibiotics and had to deal with a hormonal imbalance. Because of all these factors, his liver is also stressed.
There is a relationship between an irritated liver and congested skin.

I think that your dog needs a liver drainage.
I suggest that you use two homeopathic complexes for that purpose:
Hepanat, 3 pellets once a day, to free the liver and
Milianat, 3 pellets twice a day, to decongest the skin.

Paul Guindon, DVM
Clinique veterinaire Salaberry
Medecine conventionnelle et holystique
1895 Salaberry, Montreal, QC

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