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hazelrunpack September 20th, 2019 04:42 PM

Has anyone used safflower oil as a supplement for a dog with lymphoma?
Grace has just been diagnosed with cutaneous lymphoma. It's a rare cancer with a poor prognosis, but she has an atypical case--it's very localized on her neck. As near as we can tell, she's had it for at least 5 months and it hasn't seemed to progress.

One of the things suggested to us by the dermatologist was 10 t. of safflower oil twice a week. Supposedly, safflower oil has some effect specifically toward lymphoma :shrug: Wondering if anyone has ever heard of such a thing, whether they'd tried it as an adjunct treatment, and if they saw any benefit?

Turns out that safflower oil is rather difficult to find around here, so I'll have to see what I can find online. Does anyone have any suggestion as to a good brand to look for?

Reg September 20th, 2019 11:41 PM

Sorry to hear about Grace's diagnosis. :( :yuck:

Haven't ever used Safflower Oil. Checked on the internet and found one turned out by Eden Food Limited which looks like it could be what you are looking for. The product is organic and unrefined.

Worth checking into. I found it in iHerb and it's also at

hazelrunpack September 21st, 2019 10:12 AM

Thanks, Reg! So you think we should look for an unrefined one? We weren't even sure what type to get. The vet was just relaying the suggestion from the dermatologist and had never heard of using safflower oil. :o Sort of the blind leading the blind! :)

The good news is, Grace is still perky and cheerful, and you'd never know she had cancer just from watching her. :lovestruck: We know her time is limited, but she'll be 14 in November, so we [I]already[/I] knew her time was limited.

Reg September 21st, 2019 10:54 PM

How much safflower oil is she to get per dose, I see you have marked down 10 t.. Is that a teaspoon? The reason I choose unrefined is that it shouldn't have had any heat or chemicals mixed in it giving a full spectrum of the oils from the safflower.

I think something that might have retarded the growth of the cancer is the application of the colloidal silver. One of the attributes of the colloidal silver is that it will kill cancer cells. Healthy cells have a protective barrier around them, and cancer cells do not. This allows the silver to penetrate the unhealthy cell killing it.

If I were you when the silver runs out I would be going after the nano silver which is a lot finer than the ionic silver you have now. I would be administering it the way you are at the present time, or maybe giving a little more by mouth.

Something else I think I'd be looking into very seriously is the use of CBD oil for pets. There has been a lot of good results with the CBD oil and cancer. Mind you it is not a cure-all. Here's a website that I think you might find interesting.

Forgot to mention that these three items will not interfere with one another, if you decide to use them all.

And one other thing........the thoughts of using CBD oil by the vet could be a non starter because of the way the Federal laws are written in the United could cost a vet's license if he/she prescribed it...depending on where the practice is.


Keep us posted.

hazelrunpack September 22nd, 2019 09:14 AM

Thanks, Reg!

Yes, about 3 1/3 Tbsp twice a week. That makes sense about the unrefined oil. :thumbs up We're planning on splitting it over her two meals on dosing day so she doesn't get diarrhea from getting the whole amount at once...

Thanks for that link on CBD oil. I'll have to look that site over :thumbs up It's such a fad here right now that it's available everywhere in town, so at least I shouldn't have any trouble finding some! We'll continue with the colloidal silver.

This morning, I caught Lili eating a hen of the woods mushroom at the base of the oak. Because we try to minimize their love of mushrooms in general(there are some toxic ones that grow here that almost killed Ridge one year :eek:), I chased Lili off and pulled it up. When I came in to search it out to make sure it wasn't toxic to dogs, I came up with all sorts of information on hen of the woods mushrooms and their cancer-fighting properties. My first thought was, "Dang! I should have sprinkled it over Grace's food!!" :rolleyes: Does anyone know anything about these mushrooms and how much might be beneficial? (I didn't find anything on dosing... :o) I'm sure I can find more--we live in an oak forest and it [I]is[/I] the season...

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