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cjh007 January 21st, 2013 07:52 PM

Cat drinks over 32oz a day, pees constantly.
Hello All,

I've decided to seek advice online regarding my male 8 yr old long-hair mixed cat, Socrates.

The story is long, and a bit convoluted. I appreciate the time taken to read this!

Three years ago, our cat Socks, started drinking A LOT of water. Somewhere between 32oz and 48oz in 24 hours. This same month, he caught fleas. He was an indoor cat at the time, and we got the fleas from our neighbours.

He had a pretty bad infestation by the time we put two and two together (I'd never seen/had fleas before, and he was indoor so we never thought...) and brought him to the vet, for two things. Flea medication and a check-up regarding the excessive drinking and urination.

Although the fleas are gone (and have never come back - Revolution!) he still drinks excessive amounts of water. We've taken him to two different Vets, both of which have completed urinalysis (regular and sterile) and bloodwork for diabetes etc.

Neither vet has been able to come up with a diagnosis. He's had antibiotics (out of desperation) and more visits and blood work than I can begin to list. His kidneys seem fine, despite the fact that he's unable to concentrate his urine. As it stands right now, we have him on 6mnth check-ups, and he's doing well.

Our current Vet advised that we make sure to keep water around at all times...which we do, he's got two 'watering holes'. We are not allowed to deny him the water in case it could cause some unforeseen problems.

Here are my concerns...
1) Poor thing is peeing so many times a day (8 or more) that he's fed up with it I'm sure.

2)Long term, this has to be detrimental for him (?!). The stress on the kidneys...everything. It just seems terrible.

3) A 15kg of litter lasts us only one week. We're cleaning the box twice a day, and have to do a complete 'change-over' every few days....If not, he pees outside the box (understandable I suppose, poor thing spends half his day in there). It's expensive, and really just crazy. Bags and boxes of litter everywhere.

Has anyone heard of such a thing before? Any advice, at all?

Thank you,


Barkingdog January 21st, 2013 09:33 PM

Does your cat food have a high sodium content? That could make your cat thirsty . Or does the water in your city have a lot of sodium in it?

Reg January 21st, 2013 10:45 PM


Welcome to the board, I'm sorry to hear of your troubles with Socks. There's a good number of cat knowledgeable people on the site. Hopefully somebody will be able to shed some light on your problem, but one thing they'll want to know is what the cat is fed wet, dry or homemade, if he's on commercial what is the brand? Have you tried changing food types?

sugarcatmom January 22nd, 2013 07:27 AM

Has Diabetes [B]Insipidus[/B] ever been mentioned as a possibility? This is different from Diabetes Mellitus (aka sugar diabetes): [url][/url]

Jim Hall January 22nd, 2013 07:29 AM

I have one now who is a water champ too about 16 oz a day i know its xpensive but i use botttled water Only thing my vet who is excellent can find are very small kidney stones

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