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Larimar July 2nd, 2014 05:50 PM

Advice for sneezing kittens
Hello everyone,

We received some kittens from a high kill shelter and they spent a whole weekend in a barn waiting to travel to a foster home.
I received two of the kittens. They eat well (a lot), they drink well, and they play happily. They are afraid of people though , so socializing will be a challenge.

They came with goopy eyes and noses. They were sneezing.
They seemed to not get goop now (day three) but they still sneeze.
They are isolated. SO I feel bad for my own cats when I am with them and feel bad for the kittens when I leave lol.
I'd like to introduce them soon as possible, because I know they would nurture them and show the kittens that people are nothing to shy away from.
My other two cats are rescues -and when our male was rescued at 6 months we then rescued a female cat who was 8 weeks...He mothered her like crazy and taught her the ropes. He groomed her and snuggled her etc..Very good with kittens. The kittens have had vaccinations for rhinotracheite, calivivirus, and panleucopenie.
(That all may be in frech-they came from Quebec to Ontario). It's all french to me anyways lol. I don't understand that part.
But our own cats are vaccinated -updated a month ago)and had colds when we first got them too.

So, could the sneezing be an infection, or allergies from being in the barn? or a reaction to vaccines? Would our adult cats immune system be able to avoid this if we let them roam ? Or at what point can we?
They seem to be happy, not lathargic or anything.
My own cats are pretty mad at me lol. I am getting the cold shoulder for hiding such a fun secret. I don't want to make them sick though..but I also don't want to hide them if it's not contagious to them
Let me know any advice! :) Thanks!

Longblades July 2nd, 2014 08:36 PM

Unfortunately you need to Vet those kittens. It's probably something akin to a cold we get in people. Animals from rescue are stressed, housed with sick animals (not on purpose but often you can't tell ahead of time who is sick, same as with us) and it could be dangerous to the kittens. You don't know for sure what it is so you need to find out. For their sake and your own cats' sake.

Sheesh, years ago I got a mother and kitten from the OSPCA and two days later they were the same. The Vet told me cats have, rarely, been known to suffocate when they get congested because some just will not breathe through their mouths. Both of mine did mouth breathe. And imagine if you will, cutting an aspirin into eighths to give to a kitten that weighs 1.4 pounds. It was not fun and it took them over two weeks to get better.

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