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CindyM272 October 26th, 2011 11:39 AM and the "kids"
Hello all,
It's entirely possible I'm the member with the most fuzzy babies one here! I have 7 cats (3 indoor, 3 out and 1 currently AWOL, but in & out). The 3 inside "little kids" are Chunk (the independent one), Rudy (the crazy one) and Kevin (the mama's boy) an they are half Manx. The outside "big kids" are Peaches and Pumpkin who share the same mama as the inside kids (she passed away this summer). Penny is our only girl and is a no-tail Manx and then there is Bird, the domestic short-hair-tuxedo-demanding-mama's-boy who has been adventuring in the woods for a little more than a week. Our dogs are outside Lab/Rottweiller/Chow/Huskey litter mate brothers and are named Jasper & Habs - who would very much like to kiss me to death.
I'm also mama to 9 Kathadin sheep, 9 Boer goats, 1 Alpine buck goat, 1 La Mancha Doe goat, 2 Bronze turkey's, 7 guinea fowl, 6 Indian Runner ducks and a few dozen various heritage breed chickens. Currently, we do not not have human babies - needless to say, I am prepared for a baby who will wear a diaper and will not walk for a good long while!

We raise the livestock for food and live sale. We are a small farm with big plans. We do not unnecessary medicate anyone nor do we give them a diet that nature did not intend. Everyone is loved equally and treated with respect and dignity.

Nice to "meet" you all and I look forward to receiving and offering advise where I can :-)


Koteburo October 27th, 2011 10:09 AM

Welcome Cindy!
I think I've already read about your kitties that now are doing better with the super poopy episodes :p
Hope you stick around. Glad to hear that your farm treats all animals with dignity. I've given up almost on meat because of the horrible animal factories, also eggs only if they're not from factory and same with milk (I love them but not when they come from abuse and life time suffering)
Anyways and again welcome to you and your fur/feathered babies, hope you share stories and pics :thumbs up

BastienBully October 27th, 2011 10:30 AM

Welcome to the forum! :D

hazelrunpack October 27th, 2011 10:34 AM

Welcome to the board, Cindy. I hope you've posted pics of your menagerie somewhere or we're going to have to bug you unmerciful for some! :D

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