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Ruhkus February 8th, 2010 07:44 PM

Hooch wants to eat other dogs
I have an 8 month old dogue de Bordeaux (think turner and hooch) named nala. She is angel in the house loves everyone and everything. However our dail walks are a challenge. She is aggressive towards everyone and everything. This came about after I had to keep her calm for 4 weeks cause of discomfort in he hip. When I took her out again it's like she has been possesed by a devil and it has been like that ever since. My reaction is hat she is just unsure about Things and responds with aggression. But I don't know. Anyone have any ideas or been through the same thing ?

luckypenny February 8th, 2010 10:54 PM

She certainly does sound very anxious on walks but it's extremely difficult to tell exactly what's going on without seeing her in that environment. Have you thought about training/socialization classes? I think it best if you get an experienced behaviorist to assess and work with you privately for a session or two before you attend classes. If she's reactive/fear aggressive, positive reinforcement/associations training will work best for you both. She needs to learn both that there's nothing to fear and to focus on you.

Ruhkus February 9th, 2010 09:17 PM

I have seen 3 supposedly behavioural specialist, they all want to just teach tricks. Saying if the dog responds to this then she will listen to you when you tell her to be calm. It doesn't work. My dog can do plenty of tricks. My favorite would be no killing a neighbourhood dog. Could it be leash aggression ?

luckypenny February 9th, 2010 10:44 PM

[QUOTE=Ruhkus;882762]I have seen 3 supposedly behavioural specialist, [/QUOTE]

Supposedly? Perhaps the best place for you to start for referrals is your vet. Or a veterinary teaching hospital if there is one near by you. What's the largest town you live near if you don't mind me asking? Please check credentials and references. You want someone who has experience and who will do the field work with you, not just the theoretical aspect of dealing with this.

[QUOTE=Ruhkus;882762]Could it be leash aggression ?[/QUOTE]

Yes it [I]could[/I] be but it could be stemming from fear. You say she was never like this before? Has she met other dogs/people while on leash in the past? Has she ever had a bad experience? Is she only like this on-leash and at no other time? How is she with strangers visiting?

How do you react now when she behaves this way?

If you're worried about her hurting someone, please find a good muzzle (one that allows her to breath and pant comfortably through her mouth) and make sure it's fitted properly. You should take some time to get her accustomed to one in your home first before you take her out. [url][/url]

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