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Jendra November 26th, 2014 04:45 PM

HELP Strange Symptoms Cat IS in the Hospital Vet stumped
My cat who has to date (other than being blind) has always been very healthy. She is an indoor cat. All hardwood floors. Nothing to get into.
I do believe she had a urinary infection (would only urinate in a bowl, darker than normal urine and odd odor to it, that we were going to be seeing the Vet for) Before I could do that.
2 days ago she was walking funny (not really eating, but our other two cats were not really interested either, I suspected something wrong with the food? New bag and none of them really wanted it)
Then she started throwing up, just yellowish mucous. No fever, is alert, did not look like she "felt" "ill".. Then she would try and walk and fall over. We went to the Vet, they thought middle ear infection. Antibiotic, ear meds. Said she wasn't eating because the infection gave her nausea. She was not dehydrated. I stayed up all night with her giving her real mussy almost liquid food by syringe, she started twitching and what looked like muscle contractions. Called the Vet 2am, no call back, took her in first thing in the morning, she is still in the Hospital. He thought maybe Incephlmalitious, but I don't think that really fits either. No fever, not swelling, she does not look like her head hurts, no real signs of "pain".. her eyes, and voice healthy sounding. Shes alert. Just twitching almost in time with her heart, contractions, her body feels cold at times. She is on antibiotic IV, Vet said that she is not shaking as bad, but he does not know if that is a good or bad thing. We have done full blood and it came back fine, so did x-rays. I don't know what to do, as he does not seem to really know what to do. This is a good office with 6 Vets. They said it seemed like a disease Toxin Cats can get from flea medicine, but she has not been in contact with any, of any kind. Any help, idea's .. I have a video of her I took while visiting her in the hospital.. I don't know how or where to post it.

BellaBooBoo March 10th, 2015 08:52 PM

Strange Symptoms
I'm not sure what this could be. The yellow throw up usually happens when their stomach is empty so its probably just because your cat wasnt eating. You said that you thought your cat had a urinary infection... did they check to make sure their was not blockage or crystals. Other than that, what about doing a brain scan? Could it be a seizure problem, or neurological disorder? Good luck, hope your kitty feels better.

Jendra March 11th, 2015 05:41 PM

Thank you for your reply.
She was in the hospital for about a week.
It was not a urinary tract infection.
They were not sure, but suspect the food.
The company had requested it back and had it tested I have not heard from them. I should have had it tested myself. Our other cat had died just 10 days earlier while in the hospital. I went everyday and sat with Iddy and hand fed her. Now that she is home, I still have to put a piece of food in her mouth about every 7 days. She's not 100% herself, but close, and alive! :)

The food was "supposed" to be a premium food, made in the USA. Turns out some of the ingredients were NOT USA. The food was Evolve dry cat food. [url]!cat-food/cruz[/url] At one time is WAS a premium cat food. The company had been purchased by proctor and Gambol and had already had 8 recalls within the last year since that purchase. NOT A GOOD FOOD!! And Cat food poisoned seems much more difficult to determine, due to the fact most cats wander about who knows where, and there can be a quick assumption of "Oh he must have gotten into something" .. Or "Someone poisoned him" kind of thing. I am positive it was the food. Everyone is now on bottled water and so far safe US food.

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