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jjlovestoto May 4th, 2009 10:57 PM

HELP, Can't afford dog teeth extraction cost
My three-year old Maltese already got a lot of tar-tar build-up. Three teeth are loose. I've been using Petzlife, and brushing her teeth. hoping it would help, but I guess Maltese really have bad teeth.

The vet gave me a quote of $1200, for cleaning and removing those bad teeth. I'm a student, really can't afford that much. :shrug:and I know that many places charge way less than that.

I live in [B]Edmonton[/B], anyone can recommend a vet that does cleaning and extraction for a reasonable price? I've seen dog owners from Quebec only pay $300 for the same job.

Thanks very much.

TKW May 5th, 2009 05:56 AM

It depends on how many teeth your Maltese needed extraction. Cost could add up. My dog, a 95 pounder, had to pull his 4th pre-molar before X'mas. The bill was $1,600. $250 of it was cleaning. The rest of the bill are cost of X-rays, 2 hr+ of anesthetics, extraction & painkiller etc. (My dentist told me he can get a specialist for the same procedure on [B]me[/B] at half the cost.:wall:)
My suggestion is to shop around a bit. I read on the internet that some vet in the states would do a root canel for $300. I'm sure you can get a more reasonable quote if you check around. Good luck for your search!

BTW, this may help:[URL=""][/URL]

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