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marko February 20th, 2006 06:26 PM

Posting pictures on the bulletin board
In order to post pictures on our bulletin board your file cannot be more than 100K. If it is over 100k you will need a graphics program to reduce it. You can get a great free graphics program at [url][/url]

[B]Why can't I just put up my photo the way it is - why the hassle?[/B]

If you are trying to post a file that you dumped from your camera to your computer it is probably too large and the board will reject it. Why? Because when you print a photo from a digital file - you need a lot of info (megapixels) in that file to get a good print.

This is NOT the case with the web as is clearly illustrated by the examples here [url][/url]
in posts #3 and 4 - where 2 indentical looking photos are half the filesize of one another.

So in order so that the pages don't take forever to load (because a 500k file takes 5 times longer that a 100k file to load) and not to waste webspace for no reason - the limit is 100k.

[B]To resize an image in Irfanview[/B]

Ok if you download irfanview, open your file in irfanview.
Go to Image - Resize/Resample - all I did was put the width at 500 pixels and clicked ok.Then I went to File - Save as..... and chose JPG - - JPEG for their dropdown menu.

Once I did that a new window opened where there is a slider to choose higher or lower images.

Like I've said in other threads - Personally I always use 40 or less

Then just save it.

This was just a quick way that I was able to do it in Irfanview, I'm sure there are equally good or better ways to do it in Irfanview or other graphics programs. Irfanview is a really easy program to play around with.

[B]What if I scan the image or the image was already scanned[/B]

If you are about to scan the image, scan it at 72 DPI or 72 PPI (dots per inch or pixels per inch). That will PROBABLY give you a file size of less than 100K. If you scan at higher resolutions your file size will almost surely be too large. If so follow the directions above to reduce it. Resolution problems are talked about in greater detail in the following thread [url][/url]

As a last resort - if you've tried the free program and still can't do it and it's only just a couple of photos - just email me at [email]marko( A T) pets (D o T)ca[/email] with the photos and as long as they are not so large that my email program rejects them - it's my pleasure to resize them for you.

hope that helps!


marko March 18th, 2008 02:03 PM

Resizing in Irfanview (with diagram)
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IRFANVIEW is a great free image resizing tool. [url][/url]

Here are fast detailed instructions on resizing images to get them less than 100K

[B]Open image in irfanview[/B] by going to File - Open... and locating the image on your computer

[B]Next[/B] go to Image - Resize/Resample...

Where it ways Width (under Set new size) if your image is GREATER than 600 pixels then enter 500 or 600 pixels in that box then click OK. If your image is smaller than 600 pixels, just click OK. NOTE: By changing the Width, the height will and MUST also change as well.

Make SURE that the Preserve aspect ratio box is checked. Make SURE the Size method: is set to Resample (better quality)

I`m attaching a screenshot below. I used it to resize a photo that was 800x1200 pixels and was 281 KB

[B]Next[/B] go to File - Save as... choose JPG-JPG/JPEG Format where it says Save as type from the dropdown menu. The default setting there should be fine. Just make sure the slider is set at about 50.

Doing this should get you a file that is less than 100K
If by chance it isn't, then just go back and move the slider to 40 when you are saving.

That should work and give you a photo that is the right size and NOT fuzzy.

Hope that helps,

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