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Snowflakes September 12th, 2014 02:13 PM

Zeus, The Gigantic Great Dane and World’s Tallest Dog Dies at Age 5
Zeus with his gigantic size had an enormous way of sweetest and joy he could bring not only as a family pet to the Doorlag family of Otsego, Michigan but to many people who seek his service as a Therapy Dog. He might not fit in to his parents lap but he’s definitely have a big heart that could fit in anybody’s heart. Standing at 7 ft. 4 inches on his hind legs, Zeus was a joy to everyone he visits in school, in the hospitals, in homes where someone needed to smile and be well. Walking tall in his heights, this biggie always curl up to the hugs and kisses of everyone who loves him. He eats an average of 30 lbs. of dog food every day. His body could more look like that of a horse but once he stood up on his hind legs he is like a star player cager in the NBA. Other household pets of the Doorlag family looks like cuddly plush toys once they get close to him. But just like any other adorable and sweet dogs, he loves to sit on everyone’s lap and curl his body across.
Unfortunately, his old age at 5 years old cannot take much of his enormous body structure and he gives in and goes back to our Creator last week. His family and all those who knew him well grieves but not at all despaired since Zeus has lived a meaningful and important life better than most of us. The Doorlag family greatly misses Zeus and the looks of those people who have encountered him as he goes around Kalamazoo area fulfilling his duty as a therapy dog.

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