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eblpayne August 20th, 2008 11:33 PM

My puppy won't stop peeing in the crate or house.
Every time I put her in the crate she usually pees or poops. I take her potty before I put her in and she is only in there a few hours. She is 4 months old and I am trying to take her completely off the potty-mat. Iíve removed it for a while, but when she is in her private section she still pees on the carpet in the spot where the mat was placed. I discovered I can't leave her on the leash in her corner to long because she eats the carpet. I know sleeping in the crate is a long time without using the potty. What should I do? I have been waking up but she is usually already wet. What am I doing wrong? Do you walk your puppies in the middle of the night? Ever since I began crate training at 8 weeks she has left the crate wet (on most occasions). I thought dogs werenít supposed to potty where they lay. I have tried all sizes (very tight, little room, little extra room). ITíS NOT WORKINGÖ.. Please help. :shrug:

I think she is making my 8 month old puppy go backwards because he has been pooping (sometimes peeing) on the floor as well. He normally gives a warning by clapping, looking, or walking to the door. Now he is acting like Bella. He even peed in his crate for the first time a few days ago. The thing I'm really confused about is he usually pees after I have already walked him and he has done his business (sometimes a few times). Any suggestions?

luckypenny August 20th, 2008 11:48 PM

Welcome to [B]eblpayne[/B] :).

Has your pup been seen by a vet recently? UTI has been ruled out?

If so, you may find this article useful: [url][/url]

Vigilance and praise is the key to successfully house training your pup. It may take longer for some than others so please be patient with the little guys.

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