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rottysrule December 10th, 2013 12:22 PM

spay female dogs fighting more
OK both of my girls got fixed late October and since they got fixed i have noticed more so this month that their rough housing has actually turned into more dominate fighting. had to yell at them to stop twice this past week. It usually start with them rough housing and then all of a sudden Nyx starts to growl more aggressively or Karma will and then they have their spat. Which if i don't notice gets worse. Re-homing either one is not an option and I would never think of it. As other then these spats they have they are best friends and do almost everything together. They have no food aggression at all their food dishes are side by side and they don't eat unless they are side by side.

I just wondering if this is something normal as Karma seem to back down from Nyx and show her she not being dominate or trying to be. But yesterday in the car they started their little fight again. I worry because I am going away at the end of the week for almost 2 weeks and don't really want to leave my mom with both girls if they are going to be acting up like this.

NOTE: nothing has changed in the house, they each still get alone time with me. Only real big change is that winter has finally shown up.
any ideas would be a great help. as i think karma got the worse end the other day from Nyx as now she got a not to deep scratch by her eye on her muzzle. not totally sure if its from Nyx or if one of the cats finally got Karma good.
hard to say as karma don't whimper or cry out if the cats hurt her or if she gets hurt by herself so i never really know unless i find the sore myself.

Loki Love December 10th, 2013 05:26 PM

Do they both have a clean bill of health from the vet? Maybe there is something else going on.. thyroid issue, etc?

rottysrule December 10th, 2013 06:36 PM

both are healthy only thing major that i can tell is that they both got fixed. before the fixing i only had one or two little fights and that was mostly them getting settled into living together full time.

have to wait until after christmas to get them back into the vet... would go to a different one but nyx still has a bit of issue with other people gotten a lot better

Longblades December 11th, 2013 09:12 AM

No personal experience but I've read of it before and it does happen. I have read of folks finding it so bad they could not trust the girls to be alone so rather than one or the other spending a lot of time crated they did rehome one.

There is some solid research to show aggression is worse in spayed females but it seemed to be more human directed aggression and it seemed to have manifested before the spay as well. Here's a link to the study:


Good luck. Have you consulted with a trainer or behaviourist?

rottysrule December 11th, 2013 12:53 PM

i planned on it. but thought i would ask here first. some one did mention it could be just a dominate thing. In the spring Nyx goes in for some training. to help her get over her fear of certain people. she had it since we lost our dog Porsche, and its never the same people or a certain type.. she gotten way better these past few weeks as i have talk to the trainer and have been working on it to hopefully get her through it before i take her in.. but this past week she been really weird with her attitude. but will contact the trainer and hopefully get her in after the Christmas break. as I am away just up until almost Christmas.

Right now i am almost wishing that i didn't get the girls fixed as even during their heat they never fought at all. if it wasn't for the lab that comes around I would have kept them unfixed. sadly i didn't want lab cross pups or any pups at all. but its was annoying is my girls would be kept indoors only out to pee and maybe a walk( not in my area on a leash where no other dogs were) and each morning i would look out and there was this male lab. sadly the spca can't do anything about the dog

Marty11 December 12th, 2013 11:02 AM

I am just going to add, when I had my mastiff and golden retriever as puppies, they grew up together very nicely. My female mastiff was dominant over the male retriever. Unfortunately my mastiff was re-homed because of other dog aggression, but loved and guided the golden. After the mastiff left the home my golden became shy and somewhat nervous as though he lost his very confident friend. He did grow up rather happy but was definitely traumatized by the loss of his pal. You mentioned the loss of a recent dog? Those two girls are probably fighting for their rank in the family. Professional training will help. Sorry for the long story, I hope everything works out.

rottysrule December 12th, 2013 01:47 PM

Marty11 its ok. ya we lost a dog i rescue 2 weeks after picking up Nyx when she was 7 weeks old. lost her back in Feb. sadly her weight didn't come off as quick as she need it to. was 9 years old and was about 140lbs for a doberman mix, old owners didn't walk her and over fed her.

Totally hoping this all passes by and its nothing major as i couldn't separate either dog. as they both freak when they aren't together, and like i said they do everything they can do together. the last 2 days they have been having more alone time either with me or my mom. But both are big babies and hunt for me in the house if I am not where they left me.

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