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Kittens1307 August 27th, 2014 04:22 PM

Cat and kitten fighting
How do you stop a cat (6yrs) from "running down" our new kitten? I want to encourage them to play with each other but every once and awhile Kalou (the older cat) stalks Oakley (the new kitten) and even when Oakley tries to walk away, Kalou still pounces on him and pins him.

Any suggestions would be great! I don't want to discourage the interaction between the two of them, but want to make sure it is
1) Safe for Oakley
2)Enjoyable for Kalou (don't want him to feel like he gets in trouble every time he is trying to interact with the new kitten)

Winston August 28th, 2014 08:59 AM

If you have some baby powder put some on your hands and give each one of the cats a wipe down. The problem is scent sometimes. If they smell the same they get along way better. Some people try a dab of vanilla under the chin as well. I have had great success in the past when I had to take only one of my cats to the vet. I would bring the cat home and we would have a battle on our hands because they smelled like the vets office. As soon as I used this method they stopped fighting.

Good Luck! :thumbs up

Kittens1307 August 28th, 2014 03:07 PM

Thats a great idea. Do you think a waterless shampoo would do the trick?

Barkingdog August 28th, 2014 03:58 PM

You should check the label to made sure there is nothing toxic in the dry shampoo to cats b/c they're all licking their self . It does not take a lot to made a cat sick.

Winston August 29th, 2014 10:28 AM

no just some baby powder or vanilla , cats dont like to be bathed.:thumbs up

Barkingdog August 29th, 2014 12:43 PM


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