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jacqueline cory March 24th, 2009 11:28 AM

HELP for Hollys seizures please xxxx
Hi its Jackie here, can someone maybe be able to give me some advice please? Holly took a seizure yesterday (1st time) and another this morning (2 seizures within 22 hours) the vet has checked her blood, some results are back saying that potassium and phosphorus levels are low, they suggest she MIGHT have epilepsy, her twin sister died last july aged 21 months of a rare spinal disease (vertebrae disc disease) since then holly has developed a stomach ulcer and went deaf in her right ear, mite be stress, dunno, i just need to know what is wrong with my baby!!

growler~GateKeeper March 25th, 2009 02:47 AM

Hi Jackie, sorry to hear of Holly's troubles, is there a vet neurologist in your area that your vet can refer you to in regards to the seizures?

A vet neurologist can also do a specialized procedure referred to as brain auditory evoked response (BAER) testing, to test the extent and the area of the ear that is affected.

Allergies can also cause inflammation in the ear severe enough to close off tubes so the dog appears deaf in one or both ears.

The stomach ulcer could be stress/grief or she could have something else going on, how has she been treated for it?

FYI [URL=""]Intervertebral Disk Disease[/URL] is not that rare, at least not in North America anyways :sad:

:goodvibes: for Holly

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