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Bentham September 17th, 2019 10:10 PM

Dog Park rules
Hi everyone,

I am new to this forum and to Canada. I have recently relocated to Montreal from Barbados with my small well-behaved dog.

Today I tried to take my dog to the local dog park. While approaching it, I saw several dogs, mostly large, running of the leash and playing. When I tried to open the gate several owners came up to me and said "look, these large dogs are not good with small dogs" implying that I cannot enter the park because I had a small dog and they had no intention to control their dogs. I said: "but is it not a general dog park where any dog can come?". They said: "Yes, but it is mostly a large-dog park". I asked it it was officially recognized as such. They said "no, but only large dogs come here". I asked if there was any special time slot allocated for large dogs. They said that no, they could come any time. I asked if that meant that I could not come to a city dog park with my dog. They said that I could come only if my dog could bark off their large dogs. At this point I tried to take my dog into my hands for better protection, to enter the park and to see how it goes. When I lifted my dog, all those large dogs clearly expressed signs of aggression and their owners said : "especially do not lift your dog, this will make them more angry". I showed them the sign dog park rules that were clearly saying that all dogs over 20 kilos should be on the leash. The answer was that dogs did not have to be on the leash at the park.

This all seemed outrageous to me. Basically, their message was : "you cannot come to the city park with your dog because we do not control and do not want to make any effort to control our aggressive dogs". Still, as a newcomer I decided to check the city regulations. They are rather vague and do not specifically address my situation at the dog park. However, they do contain general rules that the owner must control their pet at all times, that a pet should not pose a threat to humans or other permitted pets, to piece and security, and that the owner of the dog that attempts to attack a human or a pet must report his dog within 48 hours for assessment if it is a potentially dangerous dog.

I guess all this still applies to dogs at dog park.

If I am right, what do you think would be the best course of action?

Reg September 18th, 2019 07:41 PM

Welcome to the forum Bentham;

I don't have any experience with dogs and dog parks but what you are explaining sounds like "dirty pool". :yuck:

This is a city property designated for the convenience of people and their dogs and the size of the dogs should not rule the park. :yell:

If the people who are using it with their large dogs and have no control over the animals, then they really shouldn't be in there, without having their dogs under restraint, regardless of what the size other dogs are. :shrug:

I think if I were in your position I would be talking to the SPCA to get some ideas about what should be done. Or even a vet's office might be able to help you. You cannot be the only person who has a small dog and is facing this type of harassment. :confused:

If you proceed with any actions, we would be interesting in hearing what the outcome is, so keep us posted.

Perhaps splitting the park in order to accommodate smaller dogs might solve the would be an idea to pass on to somebody.

Longblades October 28th, 2019 08:03 AM

I'm a month late but please don't take your little dog to that park. It's not worth having your small dog hurt just to prove a point. I've never heard of a park that limits off leash to a certain size. The whole point is to have a place where dogs May be off leash but if that's what the sign says you should investigate with the authority that governs that park. Still, don't count on that rule, if it exists, being honoured.

marko October 28th, 2019 09:05 AM

yeah these people are crappy dog owners with dogs that are not well socialized.

my 2 solutions would be
1 - Casually ask who are the most aggressive dogs...maybe even jot down a tag license number... Then remind these losers in the most diplomatic way...that the dog park is public...and if your dog gets will report them...which means their dog (depending on the rules of the municipality) might be on a list that gets them EUTHANIZED after multiple bites. Also any veterinary costs, as well as formal complaints against them and their dogs, are on THEM. I might also bring bear spray or a water gun for protection...against the dogs OR their loser owners in case something goes wrong.

Gosh I hate hearing stories about unfriendly losers.

2 - Choose another dog park....check facebook for locals with smaller dogs who may want to go with you.

Hope that may help

Barkingdog October 28th, 2019 07:11 PM

I took my small dog to dog park and as we were walking up a hill a dog walker let 4 large dogs lose and they went after my dog knocking him around!😤I tried to get the woman to do something she didn't! Some people do not belong in dogs parks!

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