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pattymac January 27th, 2013 12:00 PM

Patience Pays Off!
I was just watching Nino playing in the kitchen and thinking how patience with our critters really pays off! We've had him for 3 years plus a bit now and he's gone from a cat who couldn't stand being petted for more than a few strokes before trying to bite to a cat who loves it. If anybody else walked past him, he'd hiss and smack the other cat. I swear he didn't know how to play. He still doesn't really like to play with the other guys, Noella is a bit too much in your face playing wise for him but they can touch noses now. He can share the food dish and eat with everybody else. He loves playing grab the hand under the covers. I think he's finally realized nobody yells at him, smacks him or anything else his former people may have done to him.

I get soo frustrated when I read oh it's been a week and he's still peeing, pooping, biting, hiding etc. Doesn't matter if it's a dog or a cat. Or it's the 'we tried everything!' how about a little patience!! Bayley was a landshark puppy but I just kept working at it and ya I got bloodied a few times, but it doesn't take much with puppy teeth. I was so happy when her adult teeth started coming in!

People need to slow down with their critters, most things worth fixing aren't a quick fix. Okay rant finished!! :D

cassblonde January 27th, 2013 12:14 PM

I hear ya! I also completely agree.

My dog Susie thankfully has no real behavior issues but her training has taken time and reinforcement, patience is key. I also have a Shih Tzu mix named Wikket and wondered if he'd ever stop peeing on the kitchen floor and pooping in the back room(both were bare floors so I just cleaned and sighed). For the last 2 weeks Wikket hasn't done his business in the house even once - I'm so pleased!

Keep your temper, just love them and keep trying. :thumbs up

Koteburo January 28th, 2013 12:12 AM

I wish more people would realize that. Even people of a relative good nature that want to help don't realize these things take time and most importantly some effort.
Thank you for being understanding and considered wih our furry friends.

rg_girlca January 28th, 2013 03:54 PM

Pattymac, this post has really made my day. I am so thankful that you didn't give up on Nino. You've done a fabulous job with this gorgeous boy and I totally agree with what you wrote also.

Thank you again for adopting him and giving him such a loving, caring home. :thumbs up

pattymac January 28th, 2013 05:23 PM

Oh and I'm so glad you put his picture here or I never would've known about him! He's a very special kitty! I think he still gets a bit embarrassed when he plays :) It's almost like he really gets into it and then goes OOPS, but it's easier to get him into it. He is the worst mooch though when it comes to chicken!! he loves his chicken!

marko January 29th, 2013 08:14 AM

Thanks for sharing that and for being so patient pattymac!

When we adopted (passed away a few years ago) Zak, it took him about 2 years before he would snuggle up to us. I could not pick him up for more than 5 seconds at the beginning - but after a few months I was able to pick up and cuddle that fluffball bigtime.

My current cat Twiggy will snuggle up next to an ax murderer, she's so affectionate -
Like us, cats have personalities. But UNlike us, their personalities seem to change for the better when they live in a warm, loving home (with people that take an active interest in their well being).
In my experience most shy cats become less shy and more affectionate/friendly over time.

Jim Hall January 29th, 2013 10:08 AM

how to get "feral" cats to like you
HOW did you do that ? sat here twice a day and fed them very day wind rain shine or snow after about 6 months they decided i was a friend and the mom is now a wonderful house kitty

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