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catfella January 5th, 2016 09:36 PM

Cat skin ailment - help needed!
My parents have a cat, named Kiki, that's had a long-term skin ailment for at least a year. I'm hoping someone can help.

I've posted a few photos online at [url][/url].

They've had the cat for 18 months to two years. The cat was a stray, found in a farm field as a kitten. It followed my mom home, but had fleas, and bumps on its neck that my parents felt were related.

They took it to the vet, which spayed the cat and examined it. The flea treatment eliminated the fleas, but the bumps on her neck have remained.

My parents are poor, and they're reluctant to incur the cost of taking the cat to the vet again - especially since they've already been, and the problem remains. This is their first cat in about 25 years, but they're decades-long dog owners, and in their experience, the vets in the area aren't great. Kiki is the only pet they currently have, and she's an indoor cat.

Aside from the raised bumps on her neck, Kiki also has occasional red, bite-like marks elsewhere on her body. She's reluctant to be touched and doesn't rub against the furniture. Starting more than a year ago, Kiki has been licking out her fur, starting at her rear and moving upward along her body. Most of her coat is now underfur; she has stripped out her main coat over about 2/3 of her body.

My hope is that, if someone here can provide some guidance, they may be more willing to take the cat to the vet. If they have some strong indications of what the problem may be, I think they'd be less likely to feel like a trip to the vet is a waste of time that will cost money without yielding any health outcomes for their cat.

So: what do you think the problem is? Any thoughts?

And thank you for your help!

Koteburo January 26th, 2016 03:34 PM

Alopecia cats can happen for many reasons, fungus, mites, allergies, bug bites and even anxiety (I have one tearing the fur off)
I think it'd be a good idea to have a scrap analyzed under the microscope however you commented your parents can't take her to the vet.
I well know vet bills are dreadful and overwhelming. However it's been a year so they should be considering it. Do you know if there's any kind of low income program for pet owners in their area.
Now once I tried something that another member of the forum recommended me for a skin problem. It's called M-T-G (mane, tail and groom) it's for horses but it has been used on dogs, cats and ferrets. It helps with alopecia for a broad variety of causes. It's not expensive and you can order it online or go to an agropecuary store. It could help her if you give it a try.


Winston January 26th, 2016 07:20 PM

Have you tried Lysine its supposed to be very good for immune system issues

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