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marko January 15th, 2009 02:11 PM's freecycling forum - Read special rules and disclaimer
Dear members,

Instead of throwing out used items and filling up landfills, let's give them to each other for free.

Due to a great suggestion by JennieV and great input from other members we are trying out this new forum where members that have 50+ posts can offer extra items that they have for free. They can also request items that they need and generous members can reply and give those extra items away for free.

[U]Members that have been around for a few days and have posted a few times, but have less than 50 posts can only reply to threads - they cannot start new threads.[/U]

[B][U]Here are the rules in progress which will be updated as needed[/U][/B]

When listing or requesting an item please post in the following way
1. In the title of the thread Please write WANTED or OFFERING with a brief description of the item and location of the item - maybe just the province/state/city. Example Offering: skijoring harness for 50 lb dog (Ottawa - Ontario). Then in the body of the post the item can be further described and a picture can be uploaded.
2. Shipping + handling is the sole responsibility of receiver. Shipping charges FROM Canada can be estimated here [url][/url]
3. Items can be pet related or not but [B]NO PETS OF ANY KIND[/B] to be offered or requested.
4. The details of the transaction or questions about items in question can be made by replying to the post or by PM (Private message). Anything personal should be sent by PM
5. The disclaimer - The owners of bear absolutely no responsibility or any type of liability for transactions that take place. This is a free service for the benefit of members to use exclusively at their own risk. By using this service in any way, you automatically agree to this disclaimer.

Thanks everyone!:highfive:
[B]Any suggested modification to the rules or other suggestions/comments should be posted in the original thread here:[url][/url][/B]

Okay - who is posting first? :)

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