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ancientgirl March 13th, 2011 12:36 PM

[QUOTE=cat hater;885636]Put it in a crate! Mine shuts right up even in the middle of horny howling heat! Why do you all mention being "up all night" and "not getting any sleep". Why do you all let your cats run your life? Just crate your dang cats when you go to bed. Same as you would a crate trained dog. Our cat is 9 months old and has been crated at night EVERY night. I don't care if it stays up all night staring at the wall. The important thing is that my wife and I get to sleep. She willingly goes into the crate too, I don't have to force her. When she's in heat she won't run around the house at night, howl and knock crap over. And guess what else? When she's not in heat she won't run around the house at night and knock crap over.

...... at least shut your bedroom doors and turn on a box fan. Or just shut the cat in a far off room at night with the litter box inside. :cat:

POST edited by ADMIN - Please tone the rudeness way down.[/QUOTE]

Maybe you need a different hobby. You sound like a real prize.

kathryn March 13th, 2011 06:17 PM

[QUOTE=annmarieC;993067]well...ya...i was avoiding the cost of getting my Raven kitty spayed. and yep, she went into heat right on schedule. so shame on me. doh!
so will be calling the vet monday morning to figure out when it will be safe for her to get the surgery done. getting the surgery done during the heat time...ooooo, that makes me nervous. :/

so we are going to have some time to put up with this loud meowing too.
these tips are working so far on my little girl: yes, catnip helps alittle, we have two levels so she goes downstairs to do her mating skreech (luck!), she hits on the dog...distraction if nothing else :? ;), and simply spending time with her. get really comfortable with the idea of sexual impulses (get some maturity) and rub your cat down. give her the feel of at least alittle satisfaction. and im not trying to be offensive here. but it works. i gave Raven a good rub down and gave the normal amount of kisses..and now she is back to sleeping [B]quietly[/B] on the kitchen chair.

I would also, try hard to were the cat down before bed. play with toys, chase her around the house, more rub downs...[B]lots[/B] of rub downs! whatever will make her so tired she doesn't want to stay up all night looking to get laid.

good luck all :)[/QUOTE]

All you do by putting the cost off in the beginning is cost yourself more in the long run.. greater chances of cancer and other diseases cost MUCH more down the road then the cost of a spay ;)

I'm not sure where you are located, but in the US you can go to [url][/url] if you need financial assistance.

Cynthiakj May 9th, 2011 04:12 PM

Cat in heat!!!
My kitty (izabella ) is about 6 months old and is in heat... i have an appointment at the vet to get her spayed on monday the 26th at 730 am but in the mean time is there anything i can do to make her stop howling and rubbing against everything lol

PoliteNewYorker June 29th, 2011 02:45 PM

the rub-down method worked!
Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting your tip to give cats in heat a bit of a "rub-down". Mojo was very uncomfortable so I got online to look for tips on what to do. Your post was the first that made sense to me and so I gave it a go. I basically just rubbed her belly between the back legs for about 3 minutes or so while she stood on her back legs. I spoke gently to her and let her rest her forelegs on my forearm. She is conked out on the carpet now - resting sound asleep. No more howling or crying. I feel so much better now that she's more comfortable. Great tip!:lightbulb:

MissManda August 17th, 2011 09:22 AM

I Don't Know What To Do Anymore
I've been reading this thread trying to find some answers for my cat. She's been in heat since JANUARY. Every night it's the same howling right outside my bedroom door. :( I can't take it anymore. We took her to the vet to get her spayed, but he said she's too old for such an operation. She's 18 or 19 years old, I think. This is ridiculous. :( I love my cat and feel sorry for her because she can't help it, but jeeeez, I want to punt her out the window too!

sugarcatmom August 17th, 2011 11:03 AM

[QUOTE=MissManda;1021146]I've been reading this thread trying to find some answers for my cat. She's been in heat since JANUARY. Every night it's the same howling right outside my bedroom door. :( I can't take it anymore. We took her to the vet to get her spayed, but he said she's too old for such an operation. She's 18 or 19 years old, I think. This is ridiculous. :( I love my cat and feel sorry for her because she can't help it, but jeeeez, I want to punt her out the window too![/QUOTE]

Are you sure she's truly in heat and isn't actually suffering from a health issue like hyperthyroidism? HyperT can cause cats to yowl at night. Did the vet do any blood work? If not, take her back and ask for a full senior blood panel and urinalysis.

Dementia can also result in restless, yowling cats. Leaving a night-light on helps some cats. What happens if you let her in your bedroom at night?

Zebrica September 19th, 2011 10:06 AM

[QUOTE=herbal fan;601506]My young cat is in her second heat, was yowling her head off, and presenting me with her rear in a manner I found unsettling.

I gave her some catnip, and it calmed her right down! I highly recomend trying this.[/QUOTE]

I tried this and she just ended up covered in catnip, she rolled in it and now acting stupid and still in heat. Didn't help one bit lol

BenMax September 19th, 2011 06:58 PM

This is an old thread. Why are people just not getting their cats spayed and end this question?:confused:

Love4himies September 20th, 2011 06:42 AM

[QUOTE=BenMax;1024635]This is an old thread. Why are people just not getting their cats spayed and end this question?:confused:[/QUOTE]

I know, easy fix, isn't it!!

menagerie October 11th, 2011 03:38 AM

Wait a minute!
You know, people who are treating others like they are dumb....duh just get your cat spayed, you are not being productive. I have had my cat spayed TWICE first at 6 months, which was botched and again at a year (at which point they removed the uterus and the ovary they though was causing her cycle to vet!) And yet my cat is in heat tonight, as she is every 6 months, so I do what any of us forum users would do and I google it. What comes up? A TEN year old thread that JUST MIGHT offer me some help and support, from CAT PEOPLE which I am not, I tend to prefer dogs and horses but I love my little Skittle. I do appreciate the comments about the pressure points and will try that after I finish here. I rarely sign up and post on random forums but this one ticked me off.

If you are so pro-spay and pro-neuter (as I am) a more effective approach may be to kindly educate people, not treat them like they are stupid, you don't know who is looking for HELP nor do you understand every situation.

14+kitties October 11th, 2011 07:00 AM

I rarely sign onto this site either any more but for different reasons. :( However, in MOST cases getting your cat spayed does indeed stop the behaviour. If your cat is once more in heat then may I suggest another trip to the vet to figure out why? If she is only acting this way every six months I would hesitate to say she is "in heat". Cats in heat normally cycle every few weeks if relief, mating, is not achieved or spaying not done. Spaying, as stated by my long time friends, will end that. I don't believe they intended to make people feel stupid on purpose. Maybe their intent was interpreted wrongly? Spaying is a simple fix.
I too have a couple of girls who "act" as if they are in heat at certain times of the year. They aren't. They are just overly affectionate in the spring and again in the fall. Weather fluctuations seem to affect their behaviour at those times.

Bina October 11th, 2011 01:51 PM

Agreeing with 14+Kitties....
Our Miss Mitten was dumped on our farm as a 6 month old and fortunately we were able to catch her and have her spayed so that she could be adopted into our household.

During the heat of summer and the very cold months of winter she will sleep indoors, but in spring and fall she is better off spending her nights in the sun room where she can yell and carry on while watching stray cats and raccoons out of the big windows. She just tends to be a bit nutty in spring and fall, what can I say...;) She will even try to scratch on the window glass. I think she is yelling at the coons to get their fat butts off of her property. LOL

KarenS November 3rd, 2011 06:39 AM

My female was a stray. I was feeding her on the porch with the intention of bringing her in. I knew she had one litter which she abandoned or they died after a couple weeks. I never could find them.

My plan was to crate her, take her to the vet, have her spayed, shots, treated for fleas and worms and then bring her in because I have a dog and another cat (neutered tom).

Then one day I noticed her bleeding. My neighbor informed me she "left a mess" in his yard. I looked and it was fetus. I immediately took her inside and put her in my bedroom because my tom wanted to attack her and called the vet. She had another miscarriage on my bed.

Long story short. I did take her to the vet. $400 later it was determined she had no more kittens and they could not give her shots or spay her at that time. They did treat for fleas and worms.

Well, it was fall so I figured she wouldn't come back into heat any time soon. Since I work, it's hard to get to the vet. I did not know about the artificial light disrupting heat cycles.

She's in heat. What I do to minimize the yowling is just keep her in the bedroom all the time. The confinement seems to tone it down a lot. I'm in there at night and since I am now the object of her total devotion, she only has sporadic yowling sessions and I am able to get some sleep.

She hates my other cat and the feeling is mutual so no help there. Plus I neutered him very young and I don't think he has a clue what to do. Too bad. :)

My advice is never put off tomorrow what you can do today. A cat in heat is really no fun for you or her.

catsnkisses December 22nd, 2011 11:18 PM


My young cat just came into heat, and it's holiday time and most places will be closed, so we can't spay her. On top of that it is apparently dangerous to do so during heat?.. I heard there is some hormone-type medication for this to at leat wait till it's over and spay her. Has anyone heard about it?
p.s what are 'artificial light disrupting heat cycles'? google doesn't help.

yeaa.. January 22nd, 2012 02:33 AM

my cats...
my cats are both in heat at the same time all the time and putting butter on them helps...because they have to clean themselfs you should try it b4 you go to bed you will get a good nights rest trust me:lightbulb:

glowa February 16th, 2012 01:28 PM

Cat that can't be spayed - what to do when she's in heat?

I've got an eight month old cat, John (yes, she's a girl) who can't be spayed because of a heart murmur - the vet says she can't have an anaesthetic.

Anyway, just now she's showing signs of her first heat cycle - the rolling around and mewling and I'm looking everywhere for tips on how to make it easier for her - while she's in pretty good general health I don't want to add to her stress levels with her condition.

Any tips?


sugarcatmom February 16th, 2012 04:21 PM


I've got an eight month old cat, John (yes, she's a girl) who can't be spayed because of a heart murmur - the vet says she can't have an anaesthetic.[/quote]

Hi glowa. Love John's name, that's hilarious!

Do you know the nature of the heart murmur? Has an echocardiogram ever been done? I think whether a cat can undergo general anesthesia has more to do with the type and severity of the heart condition (which is best diagnosed with an echo) rather then just the mere presence of a murmur (which some cats eventually outgrow anyway). It's great that your vet is cautious, but maybe he can also help you get to the bottom of the murmur. My almost 19 yr old cat has cardiomyopathy and he had a full dental done at 15 with no problems.

glowa February 17th, 2012 11:25 AM

Thanks for the reply - glad you like her name, people seem to be divided into thinking it's great or thinking it's grade one animal abuse!

Anyway, her murmur is a grade 4. When I got her (and her sister, Bob) I was all responsible, waiting until they were 12 weeks old, and booking them in for their shots and to be spayed and then found out about John's murmur. At the time they said grade 5, but it looks like one 'grade's worth' might have been the sort that they grow out of as very young kittens (when something hasn't fused or whatever). But she's left with quite a severe one, and while she hasn't had the full scans - they're just prohibitively expensive, and not covered by pet insurance - she's had a good external work up by the cardiologist and they're not happy to operate on her as she is.

So, for the moment I'm stuck with a sexually frustrated teenage cat - not to mention Bob, who [I]has[/I] been spayed and has no idea what's going on with her sister!

sugarcatmom February 17th, 2012 01:28 PM

[QUOTE=glowa;1034848]But she's left with quite a severe one, and while she hasn't had the full scans - they're just prohibitively expensive, [/quote]

I know, it's crazy!! I've had 3 echos done on my guy (Aztec), and it just about killed me. The good thing was that it helped the vets figure out what meds would be most useful (he's on Atenolol) and at his last echo, there was noticeable improvement in blood flow through his heart. Which was why he got the go-ahead to have the dental done. So maybe in the future it can be an option for John? I think it's stupid that it's not covered by insurance.

[QUOTE=glowa;1034848]So, for the moment I'm stuck with a sexually frustrated teenage cat [/QUOTE]

Oh how I feel your pain! One of my other cats went into heat 3 times after she had her kittens (trapped her as a pregnant feral). It was a nightmare for everyone in the house (most especially Aztec, who was the very perplexed target of her "affections").

Good luck with John!

sandyrivers February 20th, 2012 03:35 AM

Fertile female cat in heat...

my cat Tonali has a heart valve defect/murmur and cannot be spayed... she had an echo to confirm it... no meds needed so far, but visits to the vet every 6 months to monitor the condition.

The vet told me that her chances would 50-50...she may not wake up.
So four times a year, i must put up with it...
Her heat periods last 7 to 10 days...
The noise of her meowing doesn't really bother me, but sometimes i am concerned the neighbors can hear her, so i keep the radio on, day and night...

All my other cats are spayed/neutered, but when ever Tonali gets in heat, I just make sure she gets a lot of food... sleeps better on a full tummy!

I also play with her and entertain her the best i can...
She likes the laser pointer toy i get at the dollar store!


jgrciv February 20th, 2012 08:27 PM

I tried earplugs, but it made my cat's ears sore.

sandyrivers March 1st, 2012 08:46 AM

your cat in heat

My cat Tonali is the only cat I have that is not sterelised, she has a heart murmur, had an echo done, and according to the vet, putting her under to operate her would be a 50-50 chance...
So I have to put up with her being in heat 4 times per year...
Her heat periods last between 10 to 15 days...
Yes it can be annoying, but when it happens, i try to play with her more than usual, but she is not that interested. I find that brushing her helps a bit; she is long haired and enjoys it. She also calms down when i sit with her and lay guitar and sing softly to her, if you are not a musician, perhaps some soft soothing classical music could help?
Since your cat will be sterelised soon, it is only a matter of time.


Risky1 March 20th, 2012 01:47 PM

Cat in Heat
Ok...sorry but whoever says that a cats heat cycle is 3-4 days needs to put down the crack pipe.
But I have a solution.....
Step 1) Soften some margarine or butter in a dish.
Step 2) Put butter between every toe you can find on your cat....
Step 3) Go jump into bed and enjoy a good night's sleep.

Your cat will spend the rest of the night licking the butter from between it's toes and after the job will be exhausted from the task. Don't be surprised if she is snoring before you get into bed.

After I came up with this solution.... Shelly said...."Ya know... you're not as dumb as you look":lightbulb:

cpietra16 March 20th, 2012 04:27 PM

Just so you know...this is an old post and as much as some posters tick you's not worth responding to Cat hater....they haven't been back since 2010...

misspurdy06 April 28th, 2012 02:50 PM

Theta waves are very effective for this. Here is a youtube link for theta waves in nature sounds.


I play this when my cats are being especially annoying.

CatMummy September 8th, 2012 11:42 PM

MissManda - re your 19 year old cat - it may not be in heat - my 19 year old gets very stressed as is starting to go deaf and NEEDS to be bale to find me and be reassured with loads of gently pats and soothing voice as she simply can no longer hear me as well, so she looses me. If i am outside she cant recognise which direction i am calling to her from due to one ear being not working as well - she simply calls for reassurance to KNOW where you are if she cannot see or hear you properly, so she doesnt feel so lost. I now have a box with soft pillow and blanket for the old girl to sleep on in my room and give her gentle pat each time i go past it so she is reassured and as SOON as I hear her call for me I stand where she can see where i am and be reassured she hasnt been abandoned. Very important at this age to pander to them a bit and reassure them that all is well. Esp as she is calling at your bedroom door and NOT rushing out of the house calling would suggest she feels she's lost you somehow and cant find you... rather than being on heat

interestingly she never used to speak at all until a year ago - now then neighbours think i have two boys in the house - with her calling for me from time to time if she cant see me, and the young one having just come into season.... lol

CatMummy September 8th, 2012 11:58 PM

my young one is my first experience of cat in heat!!! boy oh boy!!! should have named her Helen (after Helen of Troy) with all the boys in the neighbourhood suddenly visiting!!!!! Is driving me a bit nuts BUT BUT BUT I have found this helpful.... she does go outside - but with me as a permanent chaperone - and any WIFF of a boy being there, or her calling them and they turn up, then she gets carted back inside and popped into the garage straight away with lots of windows and light and food and cat litter tray and a car to sit on... and the door closed firmly behind me - so she can still have chit chats to the ones outside but not get to them - after a bit they loose interest and she calms down a bit - I also find if i give her gentle taps with my finger tips where her tail meets her back then she forgets about the toms en route to the garage so is quite happy once she gets there. Doing this has also given me some sanity back!!!! I confess I am LOVING when she is asleep!!!!!!:sleepy::angel::lovestruck: Having her away in the gge also means the old girl CAN be outside when she wants too.

She is only in there for short periods of time so i can have the outside door open for the old puss to be able to come in and out. I am having to save to get her speyed as it is not free here and confess the idea of having her operated on terrifies me.

Getting a bit had it with toms coming inside and spraying!:mad: suggestions here would be great - need to have a door open for the old girl to come in and out and as it is too hot over here to keep them closed - but THAT means i have to guard the door and that is stressful and doesnt get anything done that I need to. ALSO they are constantly spraying on the vege garden which is disgusing so ideas there would be great also thanksxx

CatMummy September 9th, 2012 12:14 AM

i like what you said also sugarcatmom about leaving a night light on - i do this for my elderly cat and has made a huge difference at night for her since i started a few year ago - i have one in the room with the litter tray and one in the bedroom - is still dark enough for me to sleep but light enough for her not to fall or mis calculate when she is jumping up to her bed. The food and water is where a street light gives enough light through the studio for her to negotiate that with no stress whatsoever - just has made things so much easier for her.

interested to see you also found it helpful for your old one

ang_dela56073 October 21st, 2012 02:16 PM

Several state's also have low income spay and neuter clinic. For instance, my state (Minnesota) has MN Snap: [url][/url]

So, anyone will an unfixed animal should look into whether their state has a program like this :)

Barkingdog October 21st, 2012 06:41 PM


This link has a list of organizations that help people get vet care for their pets
when they can't afford to pay for a visit to the vet. This has organizations in most of the states

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