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Koteburo October 5th, 2010 01:10 AM

Harness for my new family member (kitten)
I got a new kitten. She's been wonderful, adapted since day 1. Scully is a sweetheart she accepted "Mulder" already (kitten is a female but I had to name her Mulder either way :laughing:) they play together, everything's been wonderful so far.
I already bought a harness for Mulder (kitten size) and I put it on for 15, 20 mins every night for her to get used to the feeling of having one for the future when we take her out for walks with us to the backyard.

I've been reading about harness training, I tried it with Scully with very moderate success, she walks only if you caress her back, also I adopted scully when she was 1 year already.
So anyway what would you advice for a successful harness training in a kitten?

P.S. Soon Ill post pics of my little cutie. She was born in July/August

Love4himies October 5th, 2010 06:46 AM

I assume you watched the X-Files :laughing::laughing:, what a great show that was.

How does Scully react to the harness? Does she fight it, just lie down and refuse to move?

If she seems okay with the feeling of the harness, then I would use a feather stick to entice her to go after the stick. She may not like the feel of the harness as she is walking so getting her used to it while being distracted with an enticing toy may show her that it is okay to walk with it on. You can also train her (if she is willing to be trained:laughing:), to change directions. A very [B]gentle[/B] tug on the leash and change in direction with the feather stick in the direction you want to walk in will teach her what you want her to do when you "tug".

If she just lies down and refuses to move, try putting her favourite treat about 5 feet away from her so she will get up and eat the treat. It may take her a few minutes, but just leave her be and she will get up when she is ready. Of course you may have to lock up Mulder so she doesn't eat the treat on Scully :laughing:.

Good luck.

Koteburo October 5th, 2010 10:44 PM

That feather toy seems like a good idea.
Miss Mulder seems very comfortable on the harness, she runs, walks, plays in it. Now I need to try to change directions so I'll try the toy.

In regards of scully >.> she doesn't like treats, she's such a food snob.

Yesh! I like X-Files a lot, little by little ended up buying all the seasons :laughing:
So now I have my FBI Cat Agents

Thanks for the tips! :thumbs up

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