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Pcess June 25th, 2011 09:25 AM

12 wk old kitten vomiting
Hi there,
I am new to this site so I'm not sure I'm doing this right but here goes.......
My 12 week old kitten has vomited 4 times in the last week. She was seen by the vet about 2 weeks ago to be dewormed and have her second vaccination. She also had a Revolution vial for fleas....

Could any of these treatments cause her to vomit? She is playing like crazy and doesn't seem sick. If I don't see the vomit right away she eats it back up :( gross.

I leave food out all the time because I have a finicky dog that only eats a few kibbles every couple of hours and need to keep food out for him, could she be overeating? Sometimes she eats the dogs food and sometimes he eats her food. They are both on Royal Canin food.

She doesn't seem sick at all.......she has tons of energy and is always playing. Maybe she jumps around too much after eating? Any advice from anyone would be appreciated

sugarcatmom June 25th, 2011 05:28 PM

Are the kibble pieces pretty much whole when she vomits? Does it happen soon after she eats? She could be scarf-n-barfin. Try feeding her canned food instead, which is much better for cats anyway. Some good brands are Wellness, Nature's Variety, By Nature, Weruva, Precise, Go!, etc. [url][/url]

Is there somewhere you can put the dog's food where she can't get it? It's not a good idea for cats to eat very much dog food, especially a growing kitten. Doesn't have the right nutrients.

Pcess June 28th, 2011 04:56 PM

you are probably right
Thanks for your reply......
I think you are right. The food is still solid. She eats too fast.

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