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Katrina Reno August 1st, 2002 10:15 PM

sick dog
I have a year old dog. (collie mix?) In the past 24 hours he has become ill. He doesn't want to get up, his nose is warm and his eyes are weeping. Please help. It's too late to call a local vet.

jeanie August 3rd, 2002 02:42 PM

sick dog
You say it's too late to call a vet? Did he die? It's NEVER too late to call a vet when your pets health is at risk. Does your grown pup go out side any? You did'nt say! If your dog stays out side for any length of time unsupervised he could have digested something terribly toxic, a plant, or gotten into some ones trash. My dog ate a wire pot scrubber because it had food residue in it. He got out of the yard one day and the next he was deathly ill. Dr. said he was close to dying! I went through alot on that one. So you should take him to a vet. Hospital if he is that sick not wait for an appointment with your local vet. Good-luck! Jeanie :eek:

Katrina Reno August 3rd, 2002 06:40 PM

I didn't mean that is was too late to ever call the vet - just to late at night. We don't have a "pet hosptial" where I live. We just have regular vets. I was asking for immediate help. I took him in the next day. Yes he is an outside dog. And yes that is why he turned out to be sick. But thankfully he is going to be just fine. He is already showing great improvement. Thank you for your help. And please don't think I wouldn't take my sweet dog directly to the vet if I could. Thanks again.

jeanie August 4th, 2002 12:10 AM

I'm sorry that i mis-understood. I did'nt know you were writing that late at night. I should have put myself in your shoes coz if my dog was real sick suddenly and i had no one to turn to at that time i would have gotten on-line as well. And of-course you cared that much !!! I kinda thought after sending my reply that you may have ment something different or maybe a typing era or something. But i had already sent it and had to log off & go to work. I'm glad to hear that he is much better. Our precious adolesent pups can really keep us on edge uh!

Respectfully, Jeanie

Katrina Reno August 5th, 2002 11:35 AM

Hey, don't worry about it. I was just too scared to write it so everyone would understand. I just didn't want anyone to think that I didn't care about my little doggy. He is doing very well now. He is just really sore. My vet said that he was hit by a car and that the weeping was from road dust. I was very glad to hear it wasn't from him eatting something. He is on meds for the pain, and is almost back to his jumpy puppy self. Thanks for your help!:D


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