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canddgreenwood September 17th, 2001 10:42 AM

Swollen Tail - Cocker Spaniel - Answered by Dr. Slome
My mother has a 10 year old cocker spaniel that has a swollen tail. (over double the size in girth) This dog has had no encounters with another animal and no change in diet. The end of the tail appears to be scabby and where the tail attaches to his body, is quite raw looking....The dog does not seem to be in any pain and is not adverse to you looking at it or touching it, but does try to bite and scratch a lot in the area. My mother lives in a small town and took the dog to the vet, but the vet said they were unsure and that it was probably just overweight....(this seemed strange to me) has anyone else experienced this with their dog or cocker spaniel specifically???
Would a sitz bath for the dog help?? Salve??? Allergy medication???
Trying to help my mom's dog.....thanks Carol


petdr October 8th, 2001 08:37 PM

This is certainly not just a simple solution, but may very well be allergies
of some sort or even a hormonal disease in origin such as hypothyroidism or
Cushings disease. Symptomatically you could try soaking the area with baking
soda solution and then applying polysporin on the hairless areas that are
affected. Can try this twice a day and you may want to have a second opinion
at another vet.

Martin Slome DVM

Centre Street Animal Hospital
7700 Bathurst Street Units 40-42
L4J 7Y3
(905) 771-9855

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