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Lacey73087 May 19th, 2013 09:20 AM

Puppy won't sleep around humans..? Help!
I have a 9 month Yorkie Terrier boy named Oliver. We've had him since he was three months of age, and comes from a litter of three. He's very lovable and rambuntious and loves to play with anyone. On walks he's curious to everyone outside (cats included), and loves any amount of attention he can soak up!

In the house he races around like a race horse, constantly stealing our things and making us chase him around like a game. Which is okay, because both me and my sister are in our 20s and have the energy to play! However, when its time to rest (watch tv, read, or take a nap on the sofa), Oliver simply will not calm down. We corral him in the kitchen with a baby gate and only if he's in the kitchen will he lay down and sleep. Otherwise, he refuses to sit still and is constantly on high alert.

In our bedrooms he also refuses to sleep. We lay him in our beds late at night and in the early morning (when he should be sleepy), and he still refuses to lay down and sleep. He basically just roams around the bed and eventually just jumps off and tries to explore the room (even though he's been in our rooms plenty of times during the day and has already explored).

My mom watched him for one weekend and he refused to relax at her house. He's so used to "sleeping in our kitchen" that he barked for four hours straight and my mom ended up driving him back to our house late at night just so he could sleep in the kitchen.

He eats an all natural dry puppy kibble in the mornings and at night I mix the dry with Ceasars wet puppy food. Is it what he's eating that's making him hyper? Or is it that since we started him with just a routine as a young puppy that now he refuses to do anything else?

I would really like him to be able to sit down and relax with the family. Please help!

Barkingdog May 19th, 2013 09:46 AM

Terriers are very high energy dogs , your puppy may not be getting enough exercise during the day. They're very smart dogs too , my dog is a mini poodle terrier mix and Marty loves to take walks and loves to investigate all the smells , I mean he will take his time to study a smell, I think he is going to write a book . When he get back home his is tried from all that smelling sniffing and thinking. This works for my terrier mix , I know every dog is difference but it may help to take your puppy for a short walk before bed time to burn off some off it puppy energy.

alfolgert May 19th, 2013 01:20 PM

Puppy Won't Sleep with Others
Perhaps there is something about the cool kitchen floor that he likes. My suggestion is that if he isn't going to get into anything in the kitchen (i.e., you "baby proof it"), then perhaps that's be the best place for him.

A second suggestion is to try a cage. My dog has slept in a cage since she was a pup (now 4 years old). At first I felt bad about it but it actually brings her comfort. When I've allowed her to sleep outside of her cage, she never slept on my bed. I think because it's too hot. With a cage, the floor is plastic and cool. Maybe you're dog would find some comfort in sleeping in a cage. I also like the previous response to your post that taking him for a walk before bedtime might wear him out so he can sleep better.

Good luck!

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