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Cathy1 November 29th, 2011 10:26 PM

Doghouse dungeon 42 dogs rescued

BenMax November 30th, 2011 04:30 AM

Another one uncovered.:thumbs up
People are getting to be more sensitive and are more apt to report it seems. I hope there is a trend going on and we see more animals saved.

So glad that their life of misery has ended. I hope that the OSPCA does right by these dogs...

Melinda November 30th, 2011 10:04 AM

I was just coming here to post this myself!! way to go all involved...another one bites the dust hey hey.......

Cathy1 November 30th, 2011 09:16 PM

Rescued dogs responding to care

INNERKIP— Their thin bodies shake, not because they are cold now but because they are scared.

Half of the 42 dogs rescued by the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (OSPCA) on Tuesday have found temporary housing at Hillside Kennels just outside of Innerkip. The remainder of the dogs have been distributed to other kennels and veterinary offices around the county.

Some of the dogs are so malnourished every bone in their body can be seen. Others are so scared they have a hard time eating while others eat and drink like they haven't had food or water in days.

But almost all are friendly, and the ones who aren't just need a little love and care, said Tracey Gibson, co-owner of Hillside Kennels.

The dogs were seized by the OSPCA because of the disgusting conditions they were forced to live in. For an undetermined amount of time, the dogs were housed inside and outside of a rented barn on Highway 2 near the Oxford County/Brant County boundary. The owners of the rental land allowed the OSPCA onto the property.

An anonymous tip received by the OSPCA led inspectors to think there were only 16 dogs on the premises. But shockingly, 16 dogs alone were found stuffed in pairs into eight compartments of a small trailer.

"The conditions they were living in were just terrible," said Gibson at the kennel early Wednesday afternoon. "Just let the owner put themselves in the bloody box where they can't move. He had two of them crammed into a tiny box for who knows how long."

Gibson arrived on scene late afternoon Tuesday to help safely remove the dogs from the hell they were living.

Dogs living outside the barn were tied by short chains to stakes outside small and elevated makeshift doghouses. Many were surrounded by water and left standing in mud and their own feces. None had food or water.

Dogs inside didn't have it much better. Many were chained to the walls on short leads while others were left in barricaded pens forced to make beds out of dried manure. None had food. None had water. The stench of the dog's feces and urine could be smelled outside of the barn.

Since the Sentinel-Review broke the story Tuesday, dozens of calls from people concerned about the dogs' welfare and inquiring about adoption have been received by Hillside Kennels employees.

"We appreciate the calls. Just so they know the dogs are not up for adoption at this time. The investigation is ongoing. If people want to donate food, that would be awesome. We've already had someone bring in dog food," she said.

The future of the 42 dogs seized is still up in the air because the OSPCA investigation is ongoing.

Alison Cross, spokesperson for the OSPCA provincial office, said outcomes in situations like this vary depending on the details.

"At this point in time the investigation is ongoing. I can't speak much to it because we don't want to jeopardize it," she said during a phone call.

Under the OSPCA Act, those found negligent can be prosecuted under the Criminal Code and provincial legislation.

If convicted, the maximum penalties include a lifetime animal ownership ban, two years in jail and a $60,000 fine.

Charges are pending at this time.

BenMax December 1st, 2011 06:56 AM

The only way to send a very strong message to these so called humans who profit off of animals like this is the maximum fine and jail time. I question as to why the maximum is not imposed.
The only way to 'hit it where it hurts' to these greedy, selfish, demented, heartless individuals is through the pocket book. This is what speaks to them. They realize that the laws are weak, and the maximum is never applied - to them it's a simple 'oh well'.
There must be at least ONE flippen judge out there that can set the presidence and seriously use the justice system to let others know that this will not be tolerated.
Where is that one person?

Thankfully one person said something. In my view, this person is setting a great example and a message that this needs to stop. Enough already...

On a good note, and what people do not know (because it is not news worthy) is that little by little certain 'breeders' are closing shop. I know of a few that have surrendered their dogs to certain establishments. It is done quietly and discretely, but it is happening. There is hope. We just need to keep screaming and keep plugging away and hopefully we can make a huge dent into this greedy business.

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