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TwinTails July 13th, 2010 05:39 PM

Food Recommendations?
So, as some may have read, I've switched Byron over from a grocery brand to
Petcurean Go Natural Grain Free Endurance. He gets 3/4 cup a day, plus a bit extra while training. Already his poops are smaller, less smelly, less icky and his coat is softer and he isn't itchy. So I plan to keep him on this as long as possible.

I also got a free bag of Go Oceanfish cat food, and have been trying my kids on it. They all enjoy it, and no longer vomit their food, have the squirts and all seem much more happy when I feed them (they now all sit together to eat, rather than walk away miffed). However, the 3lb bag of cat food cost $16 :eek: Way too expensive for me to feed 5 cats, as we are on a very limited income.

They also get canned food often, as long as I can get the cans cheaply, since they can't eat grocery brands of anything (started with one kitty vomiting after eating once in a while, now it's 4 out of the 5 vomiting any grocery brand dry or canned).

So, I am looking for recommendations for them. They vary in age: 13, 10, 7, 6 1/2 & 4 1/2. Baby could benefit from a weight management food, since she's got a Goomba Butt. Oliver tends to get skinny - he eats but isn't heavy, though he's quite active, and all animals have tested negative for parasites.

I wasn't sure if a weight management or senior diet would be ok for all 5?

Any suggestions? We tried feeding a raw diet for over a year, and not a single one has taken to it. They love their kibble and canned :rolleyes:

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