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tealbananas November 4th, 2013 06:16 PM

Mastiff acts terrified of people...
My 110pound bull mastiff, Simba, acts like he is absolutely terrified of just about anyone and everyone. He is 2 years old and we adopted him when he was about seven weeks old. When I first brought him home, I had another dog and he never displayed this kind of behavior. I no longer have my other dog (she ran away when he was a almost a year old) about 2 months after she ran away, we moved from our house into an apartment. This is when Simba began exhibiting this odd behavior... No matter where we are, at the park, going for a walk, inside... He does not ever act aggressive towards anyone, he simply takes off running in the opposite direction or hides under the nearest object. He has always been around people, we have company often. At first, I assumed he was acting this way because of the change in environment but it's a year later and he still does it! There is only a small handful of people that he isn't terrified of. And even seeing the same visitor frequently doesn't help him get used to them. It's become a nuisance honestly, we are expecting a baby and being pregnant, it makes walking him somewhat of a dangerous adventure. He will run with no regard to me being on the opposite side of the leash and will pull me down stairs or around trees. I just don't know what to do in order to make him okay being around other people!! Sorry if this is too long! :P

Barkingdog November 4th, 2013 07:35 PM

What kind of training have you done with your dog so far? It sound like he needs some training . Has he been check out at vet to see if he has any health issues that causing him act fearful around people ?

tealbananas November 4th, 2013 09:32 PM

He knows the basics. And isn't unruly or disobedient.. I haven't taken him to any fancy training classes of any kind though. He goes for regular check ups but I have not brought him specifically for the fear of people. At his last check up, (we recently changed vets) she found he has a retained testicle and we will have to get him neutered soon because of that. I suppose that could have something to do with it?

Barkingdog November 4th, 2013 10:00 PM

I was wondering if your dog had any kind of an infection or something wrong with him. . Some dogs will hide when they do not feel good or be touch by people. When my dog was sick he went and hid in the closet when my daughter and her family came over. He is not that way when he feeling good. Some animals do not want to be around people if they feel off in any way . I can tell my dog is not feeling good when he start to hide on me.

tealbananas November 4th, 2013 10:11 PM

That's the thing, he's perfectly fine around me, my boyfriend, our roommate, his daughter, my sisters.. And maybe three other people. Anyone else, even people he's known since he was a puppy, he's now afraid of and has been for the past year. Though sometimes, he will take a liking to someone new and be perfectly fine around them. This only happens rarely though. The vet has never found any infection, and even said we don't HAVE to get him neutered, cause he's still healthy, it's just to err on the side of caution for when he gets older...

Dog Dancer November 5th, 2013 12:20 PM

I am by no means a trainer, but my best suggestion would be to go to the park (or some area where people are) and sit on a bench with him in a sit stay beside you. Just let him watch people. Let him get used to people being around you. If people start to approach (as they do with large beautiful dogs) just ask them to stay back that you are training him. When he is comfortable with people walking by you could move forward to a single person approaching and talking to you, no attention to him. Just use baby steps to encourage him to gain some confidence around people. I also think a good group training class - do lots of research because I really do mean a GOOD class - would probably help him to learn how to react around other people and pets. Good luck to you. Do not give up on your boy. He needs your support now more than ever. Congrats on the coming baby.

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