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mellian November 3rd, 2012 09:03 PM

Saying Hello
Hello, joined the message board for information and talk out some things. Recently had one of my cats returned to me, after giving them up a couple of years ago due to circumstances.

His name is Simba, 9 year old short hair brown/gray tabby. He has a sister called Sandy of the same age and breed. Whatever the reasons was for giving them up and finding them new homes, it has been one of my biggest guilts. I failed them, before and after. I had them for six years, home was safe and stable when living in one city, yet got chaotic when moving to another, moving once or twice a year. I was hoping I could find them more stable and safe home, yet along with still moving around, kept changing owners. Tried keeping track of where they gone to when I can, and always let them know I can help if something happens to them or circumstances change.

Last year, they went with one friend only for her to move few months afterwards and leaving them with the roommate. Couple of months ago, I hear from the friend that the ex-roommate was moving to another city and was looking for a home for them, and asked if I could at least foster them in the meantime. I said yes, but friend has not heard from ex-roomie after letting her know. This past wednesday, I get a message by someone who found my linkedin profile that they found Simba rummaging in her garbage, in town hour or so away north of the city. Fortunately she is a cat person, and had him checked out at her vet, where they scanned his chip and found my outdated contact info. She came to the city and dropped him off, which makes both happy yet full of guilt for failing him. At present, status of his sister Sandy is unknown, awaiting news from my friend who is trying to reach the ex-roomie to know where and whom she brought them. Either Simba was let out and ran off, or they were abandoned, and Sandy maybe still in that town on the street somewhere.

Simba is relatively in good health, smaller than when I was saw him (was overweight), but aside from smaller waist, still looks more in full form, suggesting been on the street for a few to several weeks, not eating well. Since being here, he has vomited about hour after each time he eats, which were small portions to adjust him to eating properly again. He looks and is doing well before and after vomiting, wanting to eat soon afterwards. Base on what I read of symptoms, he may have worms or intestinal parasites from the bad eating outside. The person who found him said she has not seen him vomit, yet she let him go outside and may have done so out of sight. Yet no worms from the vomit or feces.

Not in the most ideal financially presently, with almost remaining funds from current budget getting essentials for him, reading up on what I can do to help him until more funds become available, including getting checked out by a vet. Trying to do the 12 hour of no feeding to help purge, but keeps seeking my attention for food or go to our garbage. Yet when he eats, vomits afterwards. :/

While my own circumstances is better than two years ago, not most ideal of timing financially, and one roommate is allergic (so far no problem) yet knows better to argue or force the point presently knowing my history with Simba and what he has gone through. I am inclined to keep, and do right by him, to not continue to fail him.

So yes, thank you for reading.

Dog Dancer November 13th, 2012 11:39 AM

Mellian, Sorry I just saw your post here. I am so glad you were able to reconnect with Simba and help him out. Here's hoping you are able to locate his sister. I haven't had cats for years, but I hope that by posting here this will bump your msg up again and one of our more cat savvy members can give you some advice. Any updates on how Simba is doing??

mellian November 22nd, 2012 05:08 PM

Manage to get him to the vet, but unable afford some testing and needed treatment at present, yet I just got my job back. In the meantime, Simba is on a diet of wet food with some water with low protein/phospherous and some such to alleviate his renal inefficiency. Also giving some anti-nausea meds and this powder stuff to mix with wet food replace missing nutrients from low-protein diet. It has minimized his vomiting to once a day or two, and is kept hydrated, if going to the litter all the time is an indicator only with kidney issue.

Beyond that, remember now how Simba can be annoying, lol. He has the habit of knocking things over and off shelves to get my attention for food or just attention, made worse with needing to feeding him only small portion every few hours. Rarely been having full 5+ hours straight sleep. :p He appears his usual cat self when not sick.

Now searching cost alternatives as cannot always afford getting wet food from the vet. If he can wait couple more weeks, can afford the some further tests, and then figure out from there. I have emotionally resolved that if it is something lots of money to treat just to get him another year or so of deteriorating health, will unfortunately have to say goodbye to him once things get worse for him. :(

Dog Dancer November 22nd, 2012 05:19 PM

Mellian, trust your heart to do what is right for Simba. Hope you get it all figured out for him. He loves you for trying anyhow I am sure.

mellian December 6th, 2012 06:50 AM

He has a funny way of showing it. I cannot keep Simba, at least in my room at night and during the day. Getting sick daily, more and more on my bed instead on the floor when gone. Starting with last weekend, pissed on my bed while sleeping. First time, I can understand, Kidney equal pisses a lot and used up the litter pretty quickly overnight. Tonight? No excuse. All my sheets and blankets are disgusting, one my pillows smells lik
e piss, mattress taking a beating and will have to condemn it if this continues. The litter smell and litter dirt throughout my room, feeling of the floor always dirty despite washing and sweeping. Then the repeatably waking me up throughout the night, usually for food, leading to no consistent sleep since I crashed at a friend's place after a party two weeks ago. My quality of life is negatively impacted. On top of working fulltime again and not home until late evening, Simba is coop in the bedroom all day unless one of the roommates let him out, which they do not always as he is prone to go through the garbage and kitchen counters looking for food, or knocking things over for attention. Will call that pet rescue group roommate referred me to and who did not respond to my email. If they do not take Simba or anyone else, hard decision unfortunately colored by annoyance and frustration, have to let him go. Afterwards, feel like **** for failing to have enough patience, tolerance, and right home for him.

patchdog December 7th, 2012 07:42 PM

Very nice of you to join this site. Great to meet you. I am glad that you and Simba are back together.

mellian February 13th, 2013 10:36 PM

...and I still have Simba. >.>

Ended up switching back to regular store food, and serving dry food, as could not afford the vet stuff at one point which ran out of too quickly. Yet, once back on dry food, while alternating with wet food once a day, Simba got noticeably better. I am sure still has whatever problem, but his body appears to have adapted. After few weeks, went back to regular full meals, wet food every day or so while having a full bowl of dry food once a day or so. In turn, stops waking me up throughout the night, at least until around the time i usually wake up for work. He even started shedding a lot again, requiring to get a new brush for him. Once get a proper self-contained kitty litter box and resolve the smell, both our quality of life should normalize. Meanwhile, no news about his sister. :/

Now the furball is looking at me expectingly to give him more food. :p

mellian February 13th, 2013 10:55 PM

This is Simba...


marko February 14th, 2013 08:47 AM

welcome to the forum mellian - and Simba is such a cutie!

aws1 February 16th, 2013 05:37 PM

Welcome nice to have you and Simba with us, and what a cutie :lovestruck:

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