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Stewart December 4th, 2005 03:56 AM

Dogs and Oweners
Hello all ! I dont seem to get on here so much these days, As I used to. Anyhow after reading some threads like Rottielovers "never been so scared" got me to thinking and typeing this. Near where I live we have an area of land, Behined a residential area, We dont call it a dog park but its landscaped and has doggie do bins positioned around. Recently there was a case of a GSD attacking and wounding a Bassett hound pup , And as I own a GSD female I have encounterd some reactions from other dog oweners that have not met me and my dog before. I understand thier fear and dont take offence when "they" after haveing had thier dogs offleash call them and pop the leash on as we come into the area. Useually if conversation follows they get to know us and find that thier fear was unfounded, As my dog is very good with all others and even the local cats cross the road to say hello with tails up slightly crooked at the tip! Lol, We also have two cats ;) . Now on this particular Sunday morning which I had thought would be a nice quiet time to go there and play with the ball with my girl everthing was fine, Sun shineing, Cold and crisp day,Good game going on. Into the area came three women two had one dog each and the third had two dogs. We were halfway along the area which is is around 400 Yards long by 200 wide. The ladies were busy chatting as they walked and the dogs were all offleash running around. My girl was chaseing off after her ball which I had thrown when suddenly one of the dogs owend by the lady who had two ran after my dog and started trying to bite her from behind she stopped by her ball and just stood over it the dog a collie type then stopped and thought maybe not, Now I think the lady should have read the situation better if knowing her dog was that excitable she sure was embarressed as she got the leash back on her dog and passed. Yes it goes to show its not the dogs, Just oweners lack of responsibillity when these events happen.:pawprint:

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