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Help!! Annie Scratching!

December 1st, 2004, 08:01 AM
Annie, my 9 month old shih tzu X has little bumps on her cheeks, and has been scratching them so much, she has started to bleed in some places! I put a cone on her last night to stop this, and this morning the bumps seem smaller. I think it is fleas, as she was at a farm over the weekend, and I am sure they are in the barn from the barn cats. I usually give her flea treatments monthly, however, when she was due on the 17th of Nov. I didnt give her any, because I dont want to give her treatments she doesnt need. Also, she went to the groomers this weekend, so I thought it may be an allergy to some shampoo or something, but the bumps/itchiness seem to only be on her face, although she does try to bite near her tail, as if it is itchy, and she has been liking her paws alot. Does it sound like fleas? Should I book her in for a vet visit today, or is it okay to just stop by and grab some flea treatment, and see how that goes?

December 1st, 2004, 08:35 AM
Hi there. It could be fleas or it could be that she has developed a seasonal skin allergy, just like one of my dogs. She will suddenly start digging and scratching around her neck and lower back and she really suffers unless treated. This happens every fall until we have a decent frost. I would suggest that you take her to the vet to determine the root of the itchiness. This way you are not guessing as to why she is scratching and you can treat her promptly with the correct medication instead of spending money trying one thing, only to find out that the cause was due to something else altogether.

My dog is currently on steroids, (short term only), and she is much more comfortable and a lot less itchy! It is working, but unfortunately she is peeing up a storm and has had a few accidents. Water intake has increased 10-fold, but this will pass. It is better than letting her suffer with a skin condition.

Hope this is helpful.