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2 Cat Questions

November 30th, 2004, 10:07 PM
I have had cats my entire life and the newest addition to the family is just a little different than any I've ever had before.

1. I have always had cats neutered when they were between 6 and 9 months of age. However, Gus was adopted from a shelter that states he must be neutered BEFORE he can go home with me - 2 pounds is the weight at which the vet would neuter him. So at 2 months of age, Gus was snipped. I noticed that after all the other cats were neutered, they calmed down and started acting like adult cats. Gus is now 2 years old and still acting like a 4 month old kitten. It's adorable, but tiring. Has anyone had experience with early-neutered kittens?

2. Gus never learned to meow. When he feels upset or needs attention, he squeaks. Has anyone had experience with a non-meowing cat? I'm wondering if it's normal - his vet says she hasn't heard of a squeaker before, but that he seems normal otherwise.

Thanks for any input!!


Lucky Rescue
November 30th, 2004, 10:21 PM
Gus is now 2 years old and still acting like a 4 month old kitten. It's adorable, but tiring. Has anyone had experience with early-neutered kittens?

Yes! My last cat was neutered at a very young age (not by me) and acted like a baby all his life, and he lived to be 20. And yes, it was VERY tiring and annoying. :p He also didn't understand cat language and drove other cats nuts and got beaten up all the time.

Yes, I had a cat who never could make a sound his whole life, other than a tiny "Mrrp".

When he wanted food, he would stand behind the noisy cats and let them meow for him. :D

November 30th, 2004, 10:27 PM
I have not hads personal experience with a neutered young cat (tho even when our kitties were neutered at six months, this did not prevent them from the kitten frolics!!). That comes with maturity, not neutering!! (and some cats always act kitten like - in a more "mature" way mind you, lol In fact, it's rather good to have a cat that has his or her kitten ways. I do not mean the kitten crazies here (such as I am going thru from time to time with my baby, lol) but the fun loving cat who likes to play!

I have heard of kittens who squeak when they are neutered at a younger age but there is no scientific evidence to support this - just anectodal stories. Many kittens and cats always squeak for no known medical or even psychological reason. She is probably just fine.

I would have preferred to neuter my kitten at a younger age but have to wait now until she is six months, sigh!!! Mine is a Siamese who has numerous sounds in her repetoire and a variety of squeaks are part of her growing and extensive vocabulary.

If you read stories about cats online, you will find many cats and kittens who squeak.

You could ask your vet to see what s/he says but I doubt they will have a conslusive response either.

In the course of reading some material, I found this question and response that may apply to your situation:
Silent Meow
Our 14 week old Himalayan female seldom makes a sound. When
she does it is a barely audible squeak. Strangely, she forms a meow with her mouth but no sound comes forth. What's going on with this little one?

From time to time I have seem kittens who either do not actually
meow or only have a squeak. And some kittens seem to be slow to
"find their voice", although they do eventually. As long
as your kitten appears happy and healthy, I would just assume it
is just your girl's personal idiosyncrasy. If she appeared unwell,
I would want to have her mouth and throat examined by a veterinarian.