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any healthy home made diets?

November 30th, 2004, 03:51 PM
I read in someones thread that boiled rice water with the rice and cooked hamburger meat is good for the runs. I want to make my own dog food, does anyone have any good recipes?

and for the rice, do I just put more water in than I usually would? can someone give me some advice on that? and of course the hamburger would be completely unseasoned.

I bought princess some cottage cheese the other day to go with her dry food- seems a little hard for her to get her BM's out sometimes. But then she only ate the cottage cheese and spit the dry food out. I mixed it with her wet food too the other day and she seemed to like it alot! Is it bad to give her Cottage Cheese maybe every other day? :thumbs up

Lucky Rescue
November 30th, 2004, 06:26 PM
Many people swear by a BARF diet (Bones And Raw Foods) for dogs and cats.

If you want to try it, here is an article that explains it in detail.

BARF diet for dogs (

heeler's rock!
November 30th, 2004, 07:59 PM
That is so true! I feed my border collie raw food, and it's the best thing I have ever found! My pup looks forward to breakfast and dinner now, and scarfs the food down like it's the best thing in the world! We feed Mountain Dog food, chicken and veg. The difference between Mountain Dog and others like Arusha and Urban Carnivore is that the latter two use free range meat, and Mountain dog doesn't. They do inspect the meats they get and the farms they come from. It is human quality grade and the chicken and veg comes with all they need in terms of fruits and veggies. I also put cottage cheese, once a day in there for her. We only feed one tablespoon once a day, and it's always the 1% stuff. Another option is non-fat plain yogurt. If raw food sounds like it's too gross, because it can be gross, try Innova Evo. It's the first dog food with no grains! The kibble is held together by potatoes! It is exactly the same a raw food, just cooked! It's really good stuff and I'm switching my other 2 pups to it. If you are interested in raw, Mountain Dog isn't that expensive. We pay around $40.00 for a 40 lb box and that lasts her about a month. You only have to feed 2 - 3% of your pups body weight! Anyways, good luck with your search and PM me if you'd like more info! :)
Mountain Dog's website is

December 1st, 2004, 12:44 AM
I too am sold on BARF - Bones and Raw Foods - My dogs get fresh meaty bones everyday. I use a very high quality kibble in the morning and then after dinner, I "cook" for the dogs. I don't really cook, I blend. Left over dinner, fresh veggies or fruit. An egg sometimes, galic, flax seed oil, yogurt, and sometimes a bit of my sour dough starter for probiotics. I add other things as well. I blend this all up in the blender, I bought a good strong one and then I pour it on a bit of kibble in their bowl. Man do they love it. My rottie sits and drools and drools. Their very favorite, we call it dog candy, is raw and cleaned trout. They love that the very most. My vet says that my dogs are the healthiet dogs she has seen. Besides it keeps the old veggies from molding in the back of my refridge.

December 1st, 2004, 08:40 AM
There is an article on the homepage on making your own dog food.

Hope it helps


December 1st, 2004, 09:25 AM
This is another site that carries a different raw food but has some great info on it as well. The woman who distributes it is a wealth of knowledge on the subject.

December 1st, 2004, 09:57 AM
Does anyone know of a retailer of Bones and Raw Food in Eastern Ontario (Kingston/Brockville/Ottawa)??

December 1st, 2004, 09:58 AM
I have some home made cat food recipes (posted on this site elsewhere) and a few others and this trend - as more and more of us have furbabies that we have on special or better nutricious diets - has made more and more available! One of these days, I will post a page on one of my web sites for kitty food. <g> (If I can ever find the time, lol)

December 1st, 2004, 10:12 AM
here is a few that might help

Raw Connections
36 Wellington St., Arnprior, ON 613-623-3830 Louise Larabie
NOV, 2003
(since 2000) (Balanced program that covers most needs - Ottawa area only)

Tollden Farms Inc. Natural Pet Foods
77 Settler's Way Kemptville, Ontario K0G 1J0 613.258.3099 Susan Roberts
SEP, 2003
(since 2002) Products come frozen. Excellent quality

Paws-itively Raw Foods
182 Pearson Road, Welland, Ontario (main location, but there are many distributors) (905) 788-1605 Macy Mills
SEP, 2003
(since 2001) Products come frozen. Very diversified. Founded 1996.

December 1st, 2004, 10:21 AM
Thank you Mastifflover. Kemptville is very close!!