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ahhhh AC/DC may be world tour ahhhhhh

November 29th, 2004, 06:51 PM
:D :crazy: oh my god oh my god oh my god. i jsut heard a rumor that the boys from the ultimate rock legends of history AC/DC may be doing a world tour in feb, oh my go oh my god that is like the event of my lifetime. i grew up with those boys and my dad was huge fan and used to see them when they were a pub band, i am so excited i am shaking, i have never seen live the legeds of aussie rock and it would be the dream of my lifetime to see and hear them live, oh i am going to go spastic i oculd jsut die right now form the pure delight and extasy i feel. oh to see angus ahhhhhhh :crazy: .

and my darlin daddy just rang freaking out to, we will go and rock this baby together, yahooooo we are just freaking out, this is like jesus or god coming to visit for us, oh my god i am just so excited (poor mum will have to listen to all of their albums with us for the next 3 months thank god she is deaf and can turn off those hearing aids).

whoooooo something great is happening and i had to share, and dont wlrry i got the stereo pumping, and baby i tell yas it is a 'dog eat dog world' and boy am i on a happy 'highway to hell'. :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: < that is happy mel yahhhhhooooooooo.

November 29th, 2004, 07:15 PM
YAHOO!! I love these guys too! I have never seen them live, (or dead for that matter!) and I would give my eye teeth to see them here in London ONT. They were VERY well rec'd when they played awhile back for SARS. Our venue here is too small, but I'm hoping!!! I know just how excited you must be. I am a Bon Scott fan personally, but the newer stuff kicks butt too! Just went to see a tribute band, Thunderstruck, and I was actually up on stage singing with the band! No big suprise to my pals, as I am a HUGE AC/DC fan, and can't control myself when I hear their music. After all, this girls got rhythm!!!!

November 29th, 2004, 07:31 PM
oh surely they will ocme somewhere near where you live, surely the gods are not that cruel. here a very cool AC/DC story-

i was raised in a country town in australia called Goulburn. in 1984 when AC/DC were doing the pub band thing here, they played in goulburn at a local pub and my parents were there and a close friends mum wa sthe bar maid and she got to party with them afterward. oh some ppl have all the luck.

yeah i too lvoe bon scott, who could not but i have to say i love anguss personality.

recently a movie was released in aus called funily enough Thunderstruck (im pretty sure thats the name braind dead today). it is about a aussie AC/DC cover band who make a pact under the shadow of a bon scott poster, the pact is that if any of them die the others must take the body to the grave of bon scott in perth. one of the boys die and off they go, great sound track of course and the last scene they do a tribute song in the actual cemetary near bons grave with a huge band of bag pipe players, jsut a fantastic movie.

man i wnat to go to perth one day, the cemetary i very popular.

i know that feeling of loosing control listening to these boys, i ha e been bouncing and rocking on since i heard the news, how can ya not.

(ive already started thinking about what to wear, i will see what old AC/DC tshirts dad has and im looking through boxes for all my old rock babe jeans, oh i cant wait, bugger xmas, just bring on that concert.)

and its gonna be so special with my dad, he is such an old rocker so it will be a blast. (let there be rock album screaming in the background).