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Large Breed Puppy or Not?

November 29th, 2004, 07:42 AM
When we first got Phoebe at 10wks old, our vet told us to feed her large breed puppy food because she would likely be over 50lbs when full grown. Well, here we are at almost 8mths of age, and she seems to be stagnating at 40lbs (hasn't put on any weight over a month). Will she continue growing at this point? Should I take her off the large breed puppy formula now (Ouch! I just bought an x-tra large bag of the stuff!)? We were told she's a Shepherd (obviously not King Shepherd! LOL!), Collie (Border Collie, perhaps?), Husky, Golden cross. (Groan! I never worried about these things with our previous dog, because I didn't have this site to get me thinking about 'em! :p ).

November 29th, 2004, 08:05 AM
Here is a paragragh from the pitbull forums:1) I do NOT feed puppy foods, the main reason being they donít need it. The main difference between a puppy and adult formula is the protein percentage and the supplementation. The protein comes from questionable sources, usually grain, and the supplementation doesnít really help them grow. In some cases it can actually be detrimental. For the large breed dogs giving them too many supplements can cause growth problems, cause them to grow too fast, and it just isnít necessary. Genetics will determine how big a dog will be, food will influence the over all health but not the end results of growth.

My pit was 2yrs old when I got my first large breed dog, a rotti\siberian husky, Buying 2 different dog foods was a pain for me and the dogs, so I only gave her puppy food for the first month, since then she has been on good quality adult dry food, She is happy and healthy at 6yrs now and has never had a health issue. You will not harm your dog giveing it a good quality adult food, It's up to you.

November 29th, 2004, 09:17 AM
Large breed puppy food is essential for the proper growth of a large breed puppy.
I also have a large breed puppy (GSD) and she is fed human grade puppy food. The only foods that contain garbage are the usual garbage dog food sold in supermarkets. For proper dog food, one must go to a store that specializes in animals, not people. If you feed your puppy garbage food, yes, you will experience uneven growth and possible health risks down the road.

Continue to feed your large breed puppy the food you're using, as their bodies need the protien to keep up with the bone growth. Monitor the amount of food you feed and adjust it accordingly so that the pup doesn't gain too much weight when it starts a growth spurt again, and it will if it's like my pup. She too went through a stage where it looked like she had reached her final size...but alas, she's growing again. If the pup is growing very slowly, you could mix in some adult food with the puppy food to slow the protien buildup. I also look at my container of dog food wondering why in heck I bought so much, then....4 cups of food a day later, I remember. :D

November 29th, 2004, 11:59 AM
I would stick with the large breed puppy food. I did however, take Cano aff from it a few months ago, because he was getting fat, and he ate the recommended amount, and was very active. Now we have him and lamb and rice formula, and it works great. Cano is also only 9 1/2 months and weighs 65.5 pounds!! So I don't think he needs to put on more weight. Hid figure is looking like it should.

But being that your dog is only 40 pounds still, I would keep her/ him on for atleast a full year. I know how expensive the large breed puppy stuff is. But it is good for them.

November 29th, 2004, 12:03 PM
Yep, big dogs eat ALOT!!!! Cano goes through a 40 pound bag each month!!! We also keep it in a rubbermaid container, well........... atleast as much as se can fit in it. I am just so happy we found a place that sells the food cheap, and it is human grade food!!!

November 29th, 2004, 12:10 PM
Giant breeds are the only ones from everything that I have gathered after doing lots of research that do not get puppy food after 3-4 months of age. Smaller breeds need the puppy food and all the extra nutrients but with giant breeds it makes them grow to fast and their joints don't fuse properly and their bones are not dense enough to carry their weight (130 lbs to 230lbs)and this is how you end up with so many hip and knee and joint problems that and heredity. Smaller breeds do not grow as quickly so they should stay on puppy food tll a year old. The only breeds that I would say sort of fall in between these groups are GSD and other breeds known to have hip and joint problems. That is where I might stop puppy food at 6-7 months that is my opinion and I am not an expert by any means but these breeds I would speak to a reputable breeder about how long they have their pups on puppy food. Also lamb and rice is much more fattening then chicken and rice. I go through about 70 pounds a month.

November 29th, 2004, 12:15 PM
I would not use puppy food for a GSD, and if you do I would definitely stop using it by the age of 6 months.

November 29th, 2004, 12:34 PM
OK, guys, so you think she's still growing at this point (almost 8 mths old)?

I'm asking because the "large breed" formulas indicate they're for pups that will be 50lbs or more at maturity, but I don't know if she's going to get that big. Ahh, the joy of mutts - a real crap shoot as to what you can expect for an end result! :p I'll have to take a close-up pic of the fur on her back to show you guys. She has the wierdest fur I've ever seen on a dog! I can't wait to see what she'll look like as an adult! :crazy:

Yeah, I'm very worried about things like hip dysplasia and such. A friend has a 4yr old GSD who was diagnosed with hd - so sad. My neighbor's new 6yr old Chocolate Lab has arthritis in one of his front legs. So young to be having these problems! I'd be mortified if I found out that something I did to her now caused these issues a few years down the road!!

November 29th, 2004, 12:49 PM
I would not use puppy food for a GSD, and if you do I would definitely stop using it by the age of 6 months.

Using puppy food for any puppy is essential to it's proper development. For large breeds, such as GSD, you must feed large breed puppy food.

HD is a common complaint for any large dog that's grown too fast for it's bones. This is why properly monitored feedings is so important. I recommend following the Vet's instructions, and if there's a breeder in the backdrop, follow their advice too. Prematurely stopping the feeding of puppy food to a large breed can cause physical problems down the road.

November 29th, 2004, 12:54 PM
You could cut adult food into the puppy food and watch the dog's growth.

I also thought Diamond had reached her full size (her Dam is normal GSD size, but her Sire is HUGE) and was ready to stop feeding her puppy food. BUT, she's having a growth spurt now, and has gotten bigger still.

I think I would wait a little while before completely cutting out the puppy food. Giving 'some' won't hurt, but stopping prematurely can make her growth uncertain. Your pup is only 8 months old (Diamond is nearly 10 months and growing), so I'd give it another month or two, just to be certain.

You can also talk to your Vet again. Get more advice.

November 30th, 2004, 08:40 PM
My GSD's were all put on adult at 6 months of age.This was recomended by my breeder of 22 years.And having them switch to the adult did no harm what so ever.Tron is 8 and was a working dog(retired Police Dog.He retired cause he had a touch of arthritis.Yukon(R.I.P)was also 8.You just need to make sure it's a premium brand of food.Wllness,Innova,Chicken Soup for the Pet Lovers Soul...No Iams,Dog Chow,Science Diet or any of the other crappry foods.Just make sure the first 5 ingredients do NOT contain corn.When introducing the adult food,make sure you mix a bit of the new with the old for a while till.My sisters 3 huskies and border collie where put on adult at 6 months.Two are 8 and 2 are 7.All in perfect health.All on premium food.Hope this helps. :)

December 1st, 2004, 09:22 AM
This is why I say to check with your breeder, if there is one, and with a Vet too, if you really want to. You may get answers here from people who have good intentions, but are only giving an opinion.

My Vet says to keep feeding as I am until Diamond's a year old. Whereas Mona's breeder gave her completely different instructions. In this case, we're both right as we sought professional advice of someone who knows our dogs. Talk to your Vet or breeder and see what they say. Your breeder would know the lineage and how the dog should grow on certain foods. They would be your best source of information.

Good luck in making your decision. :thumbs up

December 1st, 2004, 11:03 AM
Well, there is no breeder. Phoebe is a mixed-breed rescue pup. She hasn't been to the vet since her spay. I'll give them a call and see what they have to say about it. I know these are only your opinions, but that's what I was looking for, so thanks for that! :D

December 1st, 2004, 11:14 AM
I disagree on the puppy food, as do many vets, GSD breeders, GSD rescues and GSD owners. Everyone has different opinions, breeders, vets, rescues and owners - people need to make their own informed decision after hearing all sides.
Using puppy food for any puppy is essential to it's proper development. For large breeds, such as GSD, you must feed large breed puppy food.

Prematurely stopping the feeding of puppy food to a large breed can cause physical problems down the road.

December 1st, 2004, 01:52 PM
It is my opinion is to feed my puppy a mix of adult and puppy food until she's a year old. You, and many others, don't like to feed puppy food. Some people are a little perturbed by the price of puppy food and it can be a deterent. Others only feed their puppy breed spcific food. Each person is different, as is each dog.

That is why I suggested a consultation be done with the Vet, or breeder....if there is one.

doggy lover
December 1st, 2004, 04:51 PM
I feed Tucker a mix of puppy food and human food. His vet told me this was fine. He is in great shape, and perfect weight for his size. His coat is beautiful, and he's well muscled. He was raised on human food by his breeder, and I have continued. My husband says that Tucker eats better than him. LOL

December 1st, 2004, 06:09 PM
When I got Gemini (boxer/lab) I was told to feed him Large dog puppy food... I did for a bit but then I changed him over to adult food. I made sure that it was made for large breed dogs and a word of advice that I have learned is to make sure that the ingredients are mainly made with RICE.. it will fill their belly up faster and longer anything with corn meal will go right through and it will seem like your dog is always hungry..

I don't have to feed him as often and his stools seem better too

As someone put to me ..
"when you eat cereal in the morning does this fill you up or are you starving again a few hours later?" Think of how much energy a dog burns in like 5 minutes and how much we(humans) do? wow :thumbs up .. my poor puppy hahah