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PRACTICLE help for rescues at xmas

November 27th, 2004, 03:14 PM
hi all, well around here at xmas, the local shops collect cat an dog food for rescues, they put wire bins out the front of the stores (mainly food stores supermarkets etc) with a sign on it requesting a bit of help and generosity toward the little critters.

basically it just requests that you buy a spare tin for the bin to feed homeless animals during this hard time for rescue (influx of dumped animals in holidays) and seeing as they have it at the supermarket it makes the giving easier and convienient... it works well and those bins always have lots of food in them.

this is a very practicle method for helping rescue, and i thought i would pass on the idea incase any of you know of an oppertunity to do something similar or own a store yourself.

and dont forget, if you have old blankets or towels in ok condition they may like those too (clean of course), we all know how precious those dog towels can be at times, jsut ring and ask if they want them and if not take them to your local charity for human use, or lik my local charity they collect these tihings to make dog beds out of for cheap sale to local owners. recycle it all, everything can be reused if you put your mind to it, and you might just give a dog a more comfy xmas.

remember one mans trash, is another dogs treasure :D :D