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training a traumatized dog

larry hoffman
November 27th, 2004, 10:33 AM
Our ****apoo was a loving friendly puppy until a certain Thornhill Vet traum
atized him.

He snaps now if a stranger corners him and is hand shy and aggresive when strangers appear to pet him or when he is being groomed.

Suggestions please?


November 27th, 2004, 10:57 AM
I worked with Rottweillers that had been abused/ mistreated and I can tell you that you will have your hands full with your dog ( at first) but you will be able to get the dog past this with a lot of patience and proper handling.
I worked with one particular rotti that had been in a puppy mill, bred every time she was in heat, had puppies taken from her at 4 weeks old. She had been very badly mistreated, the owner used a steel pipe to beat her off the puppies. She was a very nasty bitch when I got her and I questioned whether or not she could be rehabilitated, her list of "triggers" was as long as my arm. She was very aggressive to men in particular, and blonde women.
It took a period of 4 years to completely rehabilitate her, but we saw improvement early on, she just had to learn that not all humans were evil.

If the dog gets aggressive when cornered then my first suggestion is not to corner the dog. Work with the dog on a daily basis getting it to trust again, (I was bitten several times by the rotti I worked with), take each day for what it is and praise every little improvement you see.

I found that the more time I spent with the dog, being gentle, soft spoken and allowing her to come to me, not forcing her to come to me, made a HUGE difference. Small steps........... and lots of love and patience will help you out.

What exactly did the vet do to the dog?