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Crazy animal lover story....

November 24th, 2004, 10:23 PM
I know that you will all be able to relate...

I am currently petless. In the new year, I will finally be bringing home a rescued furbaby. I can't wait!

Anyways, I am so crazy and in love with any and all animals. I had to share that as I sit here and type up this post, there are the CUTEST bird chirps coming from next door! I hear them whenever I am here at the computer and they make me so happy. :love: They are usually regular chirpy noises, but tonight they are mixed is with some very lovely song! Birdy must be in a good mood tonight. :)

I may get a bird one day, but I have to get past the concept of caging a bird... it is just too symbolic to me to cage something that can fly. Maybe I'll never get past it. What I'd like would be to rescue a bird with clipped wings... that way I'll save a sweet birdy, and not add to the problem of demand for clipped-wing birds or birds to cage. No offence to those of you who have birds!

That is all! Just a silly animal rant from a lover of all non-humans... lol! :crazy:

November 25th, 2004, 07:35 AM
Sarah Jane,

I've often wondered that myself why are they in such a good mood, or are they complaining at their partners to either come home or get breakfast??, They are always singing and chirping, there are days when it's so cloudy and cold and there they are... chirping away..
In the autumn here, they gather in a few trees, you can see thousands of them chirping... or arguing over where they are going to spend the winter at.

Caging a bird is no more harmful than keeping your dog or cat indoors while you are's just being a responsible owner, if the cage is huge, this would be like a penthouse for the bird.. just think it's better than having it get hit by an object...
as long as the cage has plenty of treats and toys, this birds in heaven.. I'm sure you would make a great bird mom or any furry pets mom.
I agree with you 1000%... animals ROCK, so much better than humans, at least they don't kill their own and they Nuture their own....

signing off
Kuma's Mom ...

November 26th, 2004, 11:27 AM
Birds are wonderful pets. I have an African Grey who is 3 yrs old now :love: and my daughter Jessi(10yrs) has a yellow c0ckateil that we gave her for her 4th birthday. Jessi takes her c0ckateil out to play constantly. The bird puts up with all Jessi expects her to do like driving the pink Barbie car :D and loves to snuggle under her chin. My Grey, is like a child in many ways, and needs to be taught everything. Birds need to be part of the "flock" just as dogs need to be part of a "pack". Birds see us as a flock and need their "place" in that flock. Both of our birds are caged for their own safety. c0ckateils wings can be clipped, but because they are so light, can still fly a great distance. She could also fly into a window and hurt herself badly. When she's out in Jessi's room, the curtains are closed shut! My bird, the grey, could be clipped and his heavy body would prevent him from flying, BUT we have dogs so I have never clipped him in case he needs a "quick escape". I do not leave him out like I did with my previous amazon as he doesn't know what plants to avoid and is a totally different bird. He is not left caged alone as birds suffer this way and have no socialization. Birds left to themselves often become feather pluckers and screamers. My grey talks up a storm!! :eek: He makes phone calls, using the cell and home phone rings, he tells his "imaginary" friends on the phone he'll be there soon, okay? and hurry up! he calls the dogs and the kids, he barks, then shouts "knock it off!" and says "ciao dear" every time I head down the the hall towards the garage. Often I'm just heading to the washer/dryer or the washroom. I DO stop each time to say "I'm just putting the clothes in the washer Kachew, I'm not leaving" and laugh because I'm explaining myself to the bird :o . This post could go on forever if I told you all of the things this young sweetie says and does. Animals are just wonderful, I love them all! I ran across a bird rescue site a few days back, they charge I beleive about 25% of what a pet store does for a like breed. I'll see if I can find the site again, I never dreamed parrots were tossed aside :( but I guess once again, that's some humans for you :evil: . One important note: A single scratch from a cat requires a very expensive vet visit as the bird can become very ill. All the best to you now and in the new year when you get a furbaby and hopefully a birdie too! :thumbs up

November 26th, 2004, 10:21 PM
mmmm don't you find that birds chirping always sounds like summer?? God knows we who suffer winter will hang on to any, and all signs of summer!!! I know I do!!

Not looking for ward to winter, :( but at least I have plenty of furbabies to cuddle :):)