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A little more on early spay...good vs not so good

November 24th, 2004, 03:52 PM
I was asking this before, and I did talk to my vet, I am still confused as well. Does anyone have a current dog from a shelter, that was desexed at 8 weeks...that is now 6 mths-1 year? Could you tell us if your pet appears to be developing normal...if you could compare to one that was done at 6 mths.

Even better, someone who might have adopted/bred pups, desexed them...and are now over 2 (lg) breeds...physically mature. How do they compare to dogs of the same breed?

If you could have a comparison between desexed pups (8 weeks) and spayed/neutered pups (6 mths up)...developmentally, emotional behaviour, growth, sickenesses like uterine issues...urinary issues. Then we may know which procedure is the safest.

I'm all for having them desexed...but I don't want to have a dog suffer through something only to find out they would have been spared that if I spayed/neutered them at 6 mths.

Can anyone give us results?