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Locking Pet Health Threads

November 23rd, 2004, 01:15 AM
Concerning instantly locked Pet Health threads.... my 2 cents.

I get the whole concept of "you should know better" & "your dog/cat needs a vet ASAP" but why lock the thread instantly. Not everyone is aware of an "emergency" situation. I personally now someone that had his first puppy and called me to see what to give his pup for diarrhea and vomiting, he had no clue what Parvo was... by the end of that night he did though.. (his dog was at the vets with it) Had he not thought to call me.. (not everyone has someone they can call) he would not have realized the urgency of the situation, and presumed it to be "something he ate"

I can remember posters (before this all started) that were genuinely ignorant (for a lack of a better word) and did listen to us and brought their pet to the vet ASAP... and we the members were all checking in during our work day (I was) to see if their pet made it or not. Some we even helped through long worried nights when no vet was available to them...

Couldn't we wait to get a feel for the poster first. Obviously if they just want to skimp on vet fees or are blatantly all means Lock It.

Although I obviously get that this person may enevitably be slammed by the members... I think this happens mostly with the skimping on vet fees & blatantly neglectful ones. Okay we may also be a little to quick to judge at times. However, I for one would like to know if the little buggers in question end up okay in the end.

Am I wrong... :confused:

November 23rd, 2004, 02:50 AM
I cannot sleep - too much excitement a la moose incident - and yes, I agree, you are not incorrect. I do want to know how the little ones make out. I try not to be judgemental - really I don't - but there have been occasions where some cases border (perhaps more than border) on neglect and therein lies the anger. (I get angry when someone uses some flimsy age old excuse to "get rid" of their pet or they've waited for several days while their cat or dog is in obvious pain and ill and they seek help here rather than go to see a vet!

I realize some of it is genuine lack of knowledege and we all learrn from each other but sometimes it is hard to tell the truly needy and very concerned from those seeking the quick fix that will save them money and a vet visit. I do know we have to give the benefit of the doubt and assume that all pet companions love their animals as much as we ours. And I believe most of us do. But why then do some queries come on with an obviously ill pet and expect an instant response.

In my own "active" medical work (which is no longer a FT career at this point in my life, I do ask people, especially parents who bring a child who has been obvoiously ill for several days to the ER, why they are here now instead of last week. Occasionally, there are valid responses- "she rallied for awhile", "she appeared to better", "I thought it was just the flu and did not want to bother anyone (That's what we are there for - to BE not bothered but asked for assistance but some people truly do not want to take up time with what they assume to be a not so serious illness").

At the other end of the spectrum, there are those who show up for everything, the frequent flyers as we call them. Emergency or not and often the diagnosis is something grandma may have IDed and prescribed a cure for in an instant. (Alas these days grandma is likely 2000 km away). These folks may end up waiting longer tho we do have some excellent 24/7 walk in clinics here, I worry about it less in parents because some still are in that overprotective category and it's gratifying to see them grow as confident caregivers who can ascertain the difference between a minor cold and a serious respiratory ailment.

Then there are those who are neglectful and outright negligent. (The abuser is another issue again!!) They are too busy with their own lives to even know who Susie's friends are, much less that somehow she has a fever and a hacking cough that she may or may have had for a week. Not to mention, while cost is not a factor, taking time from an important business meeting or cancelling that night out to spend time in a hospital ER is weighed as they ponder whether to wait a few days to see if that cough gets better or "the baby continues to cry and they just did not think it was anything to worry about". Babies, like pets, suffer real pain (There was a school of thought not so long ago that postulated that babies did not suffer as much pain as adults - I kid you not!!) and they cannot answer all the questions. they depend on their parents to know when to take them to the ER or thir GP or pediatrician.

I know someone was irked awhile back over the analogy between pets and children but they both need us to help them when they are sick. We need to know our pets regular behaviour so we can understand when something is not the norm. So, while I know we should not be judgemental when someone comes on and says my cat has not been eating for 4 days and is meowing constantly and help me figure out what's wrong (Not exactly as worded of courses), those of us who have some meager knowledge of that animal - and none of us are vets, just animal lovers who've attained knowledge over the years - do the best we can to help. And so we get frustrated when we do not learn the fate of the animal or worse, are informed s/he has died , sometimes in a way we feel was needless.

It is really an ethical delimma - we have at our medical school an entire department dedicated to medical and bio ethics - and as the complex issues of beginning of life and end of life treatment - typically the most costly, involving the newest and technology - come into focus more frequently, the ethical issues also do. Pets like people are living longer as preemies and as senior citizens and we have to often make some difficult decisions and sometimes costly ones. Often we must ask ourselves - is this for our benefit it for the pet's benefit? Will Fluffy's quality of life be improved if she has the surgery? Do we save this wee little preemie kitten with a serious spinal condition that mama has given up on? (After all, the technology is there).

Anyway, I am going afield of the question but my point is most of the people I've met on this Board deeply love our pets and would do anything within our ability and reason to prolong their life if it would be one that does not involve incessant uncontrollable suffering and it not blurred by medications that completely alter who they are. We would find the money somehow! So we are naturally upset to discover that others do not share that life view - or view the cost of health care for their pet as less important than other "priorities" in their lives - which is a diplomatic way of phrasing what I really want to say. :)

Anyhow, those are my two cents. Sorry for sharing my life view in such a prolonged manner!! :sorry:

Have a great day tomorrow!!

I am actually calling in sick tomorrow - going to go check up to ensure there are no internal injuries from my encounter of the Cirvidae Alces kind. :)

November 23rd, 2004, 08:29 AM
Thanks for your input although I don't know which exact threads you are referring to it the one with laboured breathing (in any case it does not really matter) AND...It's a tough call.

99% of us here are not doctors or vets....we cannot know when a pet will die because posters are waiting for free internet answers. I do feel confident however that those of us that lock the threads (the admins and mods) can spot an emergency. If we err on the side of caution...Personally I am willing to live with that. Sad to make the analogy but just imagine if ANY human you loved posted an emergency question...

By not locking a thread that involves an emergency after we've told the poster that it IS an emergency and they full well know that they shouldn't post emergency questions anyway (read the registration rules and rules & posting policy seen on almost every page), I feel that WE are being irresponsible.

Thanks and feel free to comment,

November 23rd, 2004, 09:37 AM

I was referring to the Rottie Puppy thread. I have a soft spot for Rottie's.... and would've liked to have known the pups fate. :sad:

November 23rd, 2004, 09:47 AM
My 2 cents there is someone here that is always changing there name and putting up posts to get people upset,they write the same spell the same,and it makes me mad because i feel like i am the only person who sees it,and i feel bad cause people are buying into it

November 23rd, 2004, 10:29 AM

I don't get how? When you open a account you need to put in your
"server" email. Hotmail and Yahoo.. ect, are not acceptable. So how many
server emails could this one person have? Or can you use the same email addy for more than one account?

November 23rd, 2004, 10:31 AM
I dont know,but i would bet anything that there is one person here that has changed there name a few times..The spelling and how they write are always the same.And same types of questions that they ask are ridiculous..