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PETA sets aussie conservation back 100yrs, yeah thanks alot

November 21st, 2004, 03:19 PM
:mad: :mad:

this post is long but necessary, sorry.

this group has me absolutly furious at the moment and they even make the ecoterrorists look good :eek: (newkirk- i would love to see some of her qualifications, i see she has no Dr in front of her name).

i dont know who these ppl think they are, but i have never ever seen a more illinformed, dangerous and downright nasty group in my life. and they certainly dont do much for animal protection and definatly dont obviously give a stuff about conservation (i have a feeling there is some big money behind that group, wonder who :evil: ) not to mention they have just insulted aussie conservationists and animal activists.

that awful newkirk woman has threatened to bring down the aussie wool industry (good luck love) and the silly cow did it on national tv, big mistake, she has just turned the majority of aussies against her (she did it on a very very popular show watched by most including the large no of rednecks). she is threatening blackmail (she stated that blackmail works for her and is her only tactic) if farmers dont invest extreme amounts of money into what she consideres better husbandry, but she at no stage offered any suitable alternatives for this treatment, other than the outlay of cash (which if she has not noticed is limited, we are in a drought, that is information and fact, not hysteria, i doubt it would interest her).

you see in aus, we have a problem with sheep and flies, a fly lays its eggs under the tail of a sheep, the eggs hatch and the maggots slowly eat the sheep inside out until it is dead, any sheep found with 'flyblow' is killed immeadiatly as it is humane, the animal is useless at this state, the meat is bad, the wool is useless, and the sheep are in horrific pain, so the sheep are destroyed. flyblow is a huge problem here. so to combat it farmers do a process called 'mueling'. i am not saying the process cannot be improved, it can and i can think of many cheap and effective alternatives.

mueling is the process of removing the tail and some of the skin around the bum, this removes the conditions that the flies like and the sheep are fine. (i do think they should have a local in this process but that is all needed really) yes they bleed a little, but it does not hurt them much and they heal up fast and move on.

if a vet did it it would be exactly the same, so the farmers do it fast, accuratly and are well practiced at it. newkirk is demanding this practice cease, and that farmers employ lots of labor to monitor every sheep with its bum intact, flyblow does strike with lilttle warning , but she says this would work. but i doubt it, does she not realise you cant stop it till its a little too late, even if one sheep dies she can be held totally responsible, so she is effectivly putting the lives of animals at great risk, they could all be fly blown and have to die under her system due to the limitations of the human eye to discover tiny parasites in a deep thick wool coat around the bum of a moving sheep, under the current system it very very rarely occurs.

how many years have aussie conservationists and animal activists spent working very very hard to convince the farmers to change practices, we have worked hard to not only demonstrate environmental benifits but we have strived to make it economically viable for farmers with a beneficial outcome for the farmer. and in one foul swoop, she just wiped that out. she has no understanding of cultuarally appropriate behaviour or practice.

farmers dont change fast, they stick to what they know and what works for them. so to get them to change any practice is a huge feat for aussie conservationists and animal protection. now they are not going to believe a word any of us say, they wont trust us anymore, they will see us all as extremists trying to destroy their families and livelyhood. every single farmer in aus knows of this woman and her threats, and she has attracted the label 'greenie'. it has taken many years for us to get rid of that word, to be consider normal conservationists with a passion, the farmers were coming around, not any more thats it, she has stuffed it for all of us and put a huge divide between the two parties.

not to mention the deep insult to ausralians and conservationists, to come here and do this, it is basically saying we cant look after our own, care for our own backyard, control our own lands. and find her downright insulting.

i am an ecologist, an environmental scientist, a conservationist, a vegetarian, i am a vet nurse for native animals, a supporter and fighter of animal rights ( eg.i have fought physically to save kangaroos at protests) and have finished my masters degree. throughout my life, career and existance i have fought and proven that i love and have deep knowledge of these issues and remedies. i believe and PRACTIE my beliefs, i believe i am here for no other reason than to care for the earth.

now how dare this woman/group imply that ppl like me are to dam stupid to fix our own problems, how dare she assume she knows how to deal with my ppl better than i do, how dare she assume to have better knowledge of these systems than us and know how to ameliorate them, how dare she assume to know how to treat an aussie farmer and above all how dare she assume she knows what is right and bring it into my land. she thinks she knows beter, how is that, by ruining ppls business, by using blackmail instead of educaiton and fact, by getting your self a name as a freak, by talking about barbequeing her own flesh in front of farmers, that was effective, everything she may have said that was right or good went out the window with her comments about eating her flesh, they instantly turned off to the freak. and you know what, she does not have the support of any aussie conservationist or rights group, they are all keeping well clear of her and that says alot (you think she owuld have gotten them on side).

well she has turned me and many like me against her plight, and she has me soooo furious i have already started emailing environmental groups and the student unions, i am going to turn as many ppl as i can against her. and i have a big mouth and supportive contacts, she thinks she has a big mouth, ha she wont know what has hit her after we are done. i want her toted as a freak, and not associated at all with the rest of us (ban her from the country i odnt care). and i am going to do all i can to get rid of her, she is a great threat and danger to the conservation and animal rights in this country, the biggest threat we have faced bigger than the cane toad if you ask me.

and the funny thing was, as she left the room where the meeting was held, the australian wool industry representatives and lawyers presented her with a legal writ for all damages caused to the industry because of her (she will have to pay any losses or damages), her face drained of color at that one, and you could see she was worried, also at that point her voice became weak and lost, she didnt say much.

so good luck to them ,they will not succede here, we will stop them, we wont let them win, i will not allow her to destroy us all, and that is all she wants. apparently we dont give in to terrorist around here, and she the big terrorist will recieve the same treatment as the rest.

oh i am just furious i am shaking with rage :evil: :mad: :evil: :sad:

November 21st, 2004, 03:43 PM
WoW Mel,that WAS long,but thank's for explaining,I've never heard of flyblow,but then I don't know much about sheep either,other than that you have a lot in Aussie country.
It sounds brutal,cutting the sheeps tail off without at least local,but they cut the testies off here on calves without any pain-killers,not very different and branding is also brutal.
I do not think you have to worry about PETA,the world knows,they are a very extreme group..they have some good ideas,but most of them impossible to implement.
So,calm down,have a little drinkie :party:

November 21st, 2004, 04:04 PM
sorry for the length, but i could not explain in shorter my lovely.

just made a pot of tea and am calming down, thanks lovely. i have started designing a flyer to hand out to anybody who will listen. i live in a farming community so should get good support here. i will also email the flyer to anyone i know. i will do all i can to stop this stupidity and save my country from the real terrorists. but peta have never had any strength here, this is their first mjr action and it will end up kicking them in the butts.

aussie scientists are currently trying to map the fly genome to develop suitable pestacide, but newkirk does not support any of this, she jsut wants to bring down farmers. and in this country we have a big history with sheep and our economy. such threats do nothing but turn ppl against her.

well i intend on turning all i can against her, i will show her for the unethichal, uninformed and cruel person she is. oh boy, i get so angtry, but at least i will put that anger to good cause, that is making sure all and sundry know what freaks these folk are. (and casuing a fuss and doing the right thing are entertainment for me and enjoyable experiences so this should be good). :D

thanks for reading honey :D

November 21st, 2004, 09:10 PM
Do you mean blowfly? (The fly used to often determine time of death by pathologists (Recent book by Cornwell, lol) and the pest that attacks other mammels? And how do you spell meuling? (I'd just like to read more) I found blowfly and sheep but is it also known collequially as flyblow in Au? (Interesting - how did that come about - I am always intriging by word origins)

And yep, while they often do good work (the esposť on Iams for ex) PETA can frequently be very extreme and inconsiderate of the rural lifestyle.

Is this woman not Australian? (I confess I do not know every PETA leader ;) .

Not to worry about the length - it was informative to read about the problem. Farmers here have similar problems - and more worrisome issues, like BSE for instance.

November 21st, 2004, 10:20 PM
the term used is flyblown, sorry should be clearer. i can imgine where the word comes from when you see a sheep with this horrid condition. the practice is called muelsing, im sure that is how spelt. perhaps if you look for the wool industry site or sheep husbandy sites in aus might turn up something.

and that ingrid newkirk woman is english and did not grow up on an australian farm or even in our country and has never lived here. i cant see how she has any idea about the state of animal welfare in our country or the needs or situations of farmers. i am currently trying to track down their asia-pacific rep, now thats pretty pathetic, they attack us yet dont even have an aussie rep.

i jsut found out that her blackmail tactics are actually illeagle here and a chargable offense, the wool industry are using this aspect of the law also to sock it too her, boy she is a little unprepared to say the least for this battle, our farmers wont just keel over, they have faced bigger challenges than this one.

but i will be distributing the flyers in all the local farming towns including the heart of the marino wool industry, goulburn, that place is a hot bed for sheep farmers.

thank god we dont have BSE in this country it has never been found, but then were so isolated so that nmay be a contributing factor, or bird flu for that matter we have so much on our hands..

boy it just goes on and on and on and on. not only are we fighting for the rights of animals and ppl, but now we have to fight these groups as well, it jsut makes the job alot tougher. thanks for taking the time to read :D