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M Rescue keeps getting sick

November 19th, 2004, 11:00 PM
I rescued a dog in July and since I got her I have endured problem after problem. I don't think she has a genetic problem (like being from a mill) but it seems like one thing after another. When I got her she had kennel cough and was infested with fleas even though they said they treated againt both. This is normal as she came from Animal Control and not the Humane Society where they take better care of their animals. Then it was spay incontinence, 2 eye infections ans just last week she somehow managed to rip a huge chunk of skin out of her leg. 7 stitches and almost $300 later she is doing ok for now but my question is..........
Does this just seem to be a string of bad luck and is she just accident prone or does this happen a lot with rescues that have no medical history? I am frustrated and it is really hurting my wallet with all the vet bills (thank goodness I get some of it back form my pet insurance). Has anyone else had this problem?

heeler's rock!
November 20th, 2004, 09:27 AM
My oldest rescue, Red, had the same thing when I got her. She was well cared for at her foster home. She also had spay incontinence. Then she started drinking a lot of water and I thought her kidneys were damaged (they weren't thank God!), so that was another vet visit. Then she was being agressive to other dogs so we went to a holistic vet which cost me $200.00 just for the consultation! We tried numerous obedience classes to curb her agression, and then at her check up, they found absessed (sp?) teeth!! That cost $1200.00 to remove! Now, she has the occasional accident, but it seems like a lot at first. She probably cost me about $2500.00 in the first year, but well worth it! The last accident she had was when she broke her canine tooth below the root and had to get it extracted. That was about $300.00..... :)

Lucky Rescue
November 20th, 2004, 10:12 AM
I doubt the dogs in Animal control get much in the way of medical care. Kennel cough and fleas (and other highly transmittable problems) would be routine hazards of shelters and AC.

I also think the stress of being in a place like that can bring on some illnesses, just as we might get colds, eye infections, etc when under great stress.

The accident that resulted in 7 stitches could have happened to any dog.

As for the spay incontinence, that may well be the reason this poor dog was dumped in the first place. I've seen animals dumped for less.:(

I do not personally know of any rescued/shelter dogs who have more health problems than any other dog but dogs with health problems may be discarded for that very reason.

Anyway, thanks for taking such good care of this poor girl!!:)