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Simon needs a real home

November 17th, 2004, 11:02 AM
Badger attacked Simon this morning. He didn't just hustle him off his heating pad, he actually went after him where he was sleeping, with evil intent. Since Simon came to live with us Badger has been quite a good boy, not exactly friendly but giving him his space, eating next to him, occasionally I would even find them sitting together, but never for long. Simon was keen to be close in a very submissive way, but Badger wasn't having it. OK. I was willing to settle for tolerance. But what I witnessed this morning is a little worrying, expecially since I am planning to leave them alone in a smallish apartment for two weeks next month (to be visited daily, of course).

He is such a lovely cat, when Badger isn't around we have little love fests. But I realise he will never be able to really flower here, having always to look over his shoulder to see if the other cat is close by. He is frequently outside; I think he still goes back to where he lived before because he always seems to take the same route through the neighbourhood. Probably dumped.

So with a heavy heart, I'm looking for someone to give Simon the home he deserves, peaceful (no other cats, probably no dogs, children might be alright), where he can get plenty of cuddles and treats. He is a nervous fellow, but alot better than he was. At the beginning all I had to do was look at him and he'd be off. Now he lets me pick him up and will hang around for cosies, instead of always looking to escape. He doesn't scratch or bite, ever, is not feral in any way. With tender care and lots of handling, he will be magnificent. Guaranteed!

He is going for his shots tomorrow and will be neutered next week (I know, bad, bad, for putting it off). With regular feedings, he has become a real heavyweight, a far cry from the little ghost he once was. Back in the spring, he was treated for a respiratory infection and was so thin the vet and I wondered if he had a virus but I'm not so sure now, he has been healthy since.

So if anybody out there would like to give this little darlin' a shot at a good life, let me know. Here's his latest pic:

Lucky Rescue
November 17th, 2004, 11:24 AM
OH! The reason Badger attacked him is no DOUBT due to his intact status! I"m surprised it hasn't been a lot worse.

The fact that it's gone so well until now is certainly an indicator that it will go much better once Simon is neutered and you will be able to keep him, which is the best option for him.

It's impossible to keep an intact tom in the house with other male cats. I sure wouldn't ever attempt it.

November 17th, 2004, 11:39 AM
I hope you're right LR. The thought crossed my mind, but I told myself that since there was no aggression at the beginning, it wouldn't be an issue later. It was never my plan to re-home him. So let's put this thread to bed and hope that it's permanent.

Thanks for being there for us, LR. Really. It's not that others aren't helpful, but I especially appreciate your good sense and scathing observations (not in this case, happily) :)

Later - and thanks for the boot you know where - Simon was vaccinated this afternoon, snip snip in ten days. Time will tell if it makes a difference.

November 20th, 2004, 10:00 AM
Badger,Simon is very pretty..I am curious to know what happened...
Like LR,I think the problem is Simon being intact,I sooo hope you can keep the little guy :thumbs up
Chico and Vinnie just had a hissing-party,Chico does NOT like Vinnie,but there are times they can even sit or lay side by side.It seems however like my little :angel: Vinnie likes to entice Chico to get a reaction....It's been like this for 2yrs and they will never be friends,but there has been no cat-fights..

November 20th, 2004, 12:58 PM
Isn't he a sweetie-pie? He's beginning to trust me a little and even, fleetingly, play. Maybe when he is neutered, Badger's dominance won't be so pronounced. He hates to share me! But you know, the local cats are in and out during the day, particularly in the summer when the door is open, and really he is very good on the whole. But he weighs a ton and I have seem him jump on an offending cat's back in absolute fury; he could do some serious damage.

Here's a good moment, although check the expression on the tabbly. His Mandarin look, I call it - the underling is getting a bit too close.

November 20th, 2004, 03:55 PM
That's a sweet picture,Badger does not look too
happy and Simon looks a little worried :crazy: My Chico wants to be the only cat,he's very jealous,very much a velcro-cat...
He's got three names :D Rocky,Vinnie and Chico,whoever I call he'll come running saying: Here I am!! The only one you need :love:
Last night I had Rocky sleeping on my chest,while I was reading in bed,Chico came and layed down just about on top of Rocky,stuck his butt right in Rockys face,to be as close as he could to me....but it's kind of cute,Rocky does not mind :rolleyes:
I am glad you still have Simon and hopefully you'll keep him :thumbs up

November 23rd, 2004, 09:02 PM
Bump bump..Big attack scene tonight. I was playing flyball with Badger, stopped briefly to pat Simon, and all hell breaks looks. Clamped together end over end, fur flying. A little blood, mine, no problem. Even a time-out in the bathroom failed to settle Badger down. Help! This is pure jealousy, and I don't see it changing after Simon is neutered. He will always have to be on his guard and that is no life, particularly in such a small space.

So if there is a loving home out there, for a truly wonderful cat, step up! He will be neutered next Monday. Lucky, may I please bring him to your next clinic (before Dec. 16 if poss.)?

Lucky Rescue
November 23rd, 2004, 10:20 PM
I know a fight like this is very unnerving, but trust me, if Simon had been neutered in the beginning it probably wouldn't have happened. Is Badger normally very aggressive with other cats if they are neutered?

Even gentle calm cats will fight with intact ones. I've never ever seen intact cats and spayed/neutered cats get along. Intact animals cause great anxiety in altered ones - even if the intact cat is outside and the others are inside!

I've had cats get in big fights too and it's awful, but usually is fixable.

Can you just wait and see what happens after the neutering? Keeping him would be the best solution.

Unfortunately, our adoption event on the 4th is a full house and no room for more cats.:( We can't even find homes for adorable kittens, let alone adult tomcats.

However, I will put him on my site in the meantime, but you'll have to be patient...

November 23rd, 2004, 10:30 PM
Badger,when I first got Vinnie,I just about had a nervous breakdown,cried rivers...I could not handle the way Rocky and Chico behaved towards Vinnie.
I was a nervous wreck! I even called someone to pick up Vinnie(the friends who found him)but in the morning I looked into his sweet little face and I just could not do that to him......
Your situation is different,Simon is a grown cat,a very pretty one too....and cat-fights are awful,Rocky and Chico had a cat-fight outside yesterday,a quick reaction with the water hose stopped it :evil:
I honestly believe things will get better once Simon is neutered and for now,equip yourself with a large water spray-bottle! NEVER break up a fight with your hands,but I suppose you know that....

November 23rd, 2004, 10:33 PM
Since all of the strays I have taken in are males and they are never fixed, it is difficult to say how he would be with a neutered male. This is the first time he has actually allowed another cat to share his space. There was no agression until Simon started to calm down and settle in; before that he was in and out, never spent the night, etc. so I guess Badger didn't see him as a threat. But now he can't accept that my attention is divided.

I have no separate room (typical Montreal walk-up) so could not introduce them gradually and just hoped for the best. Pretty dumb.

Believe me, I have endless patience for both these guys. They just gave me such a fright. Badger has continued to stalk him so I got out the spray bottle, which did the trick. Now I wonder about leaving them alone. Thanks for putting Simon on your site, maybe he'll get lucky.

November 24th, 2004, 08:08 AM
Badger,I did not mean to insinuate you are not trying hard enough,you have much more experience than me,I've never really taken in a rescue,other than kittens.I still remember your bathroom kitties :D
Chico and Rocky were fighting outside,sniffing around for strange cats and found this spot where they both wanted to be,hence the fur flying :evil:
It's not something that happens all the time...
I am sure,knowing how you love and care for cats,you will do what is best for both Badger and Simon.Good Luck!

November 24th, 2004, 08:29 AM
Thanks Chico. Should I be locking one in the bathroom when I go out, now that they've tasted blood (so to speak)?

November 24th, 2004, 08:45 AM
Yes,I would put pretty Simon in there,Badger is after all the Boss and the one that was there first...I used to put Vinnie in a separate room when I went out in the beginning.
My Chico is a very jealous cat,hisses and growls at Vinnie still to this day(2 years later)but Vinnie knows to stay away....Chico will never like Vinnie,but there are no cat-fights.
Hopefully Badger and Simon will never fight again,stranger things have happened :love:

Lucky Rescue
November 24th, 2004, 08:46 AM
I would lock Simon up when you go out - in fact I would lock him up all the time for now.

I really don't think this has anything to do with jealously. I think it has to do with Badger having his territory flooded with the scent of an intact male. This is very threatening to him.

I would never attempt or even THINK of having an intact tom in my home, because my neutered male would attack him and that is 100% sure.

But I've had neutered fosters here, and it was o.k. with my guy.

As I said, it's amazing that Badger has been so tolerant up til now.

Just do NOT let them fight anymore, or it could become an ingrained habit with Badger.

Put Simon in the bathroom, and keep him there until the smell goes away after his neuter. Then you can reintroduce them.

Can you send me your email addy? I lost it.

P.S. I just love Simon - he looks so much like my cat. If I didnt' have 3 already, I would take him myself!

November 24th, 2004, 08:51 AM
Lucky,as usual you make sense :thumbs up

November 24th, 2004, 09:41 AM
Thanks for the advice. I will do as you suggest. Simon will have his heating pad in the bathroom until he has recovered from his snip. Then a slow re-intro. Hopefully, all will be well.
When I sprayed Badger for the first time last night he was absolutely horrified, the king laid low. Now all I have to do is pick up the bottle and he flees. Unbelievable.

Lucky, I PM'd you my email addy.